☝ Top 16 Quotes of Geoffrey Beene – Fashion designer

Top 16 Quotes of Geoffrey Beene:
✧ The whole point of design is to make people feel better about themselves.
✧ I tell women not to believe everything they read about fashion.
✧ Fashion is in a terrible state. An overdose of too much flesh.
✧ Designs are a revelation to me. It’s like
taking something that is not alive
and giving it form, shape, substance,
and life.
✧ The greatest concubines in history knew that everything revealed with nothing concealed is a bore.
✧ Design is an unknown.
✧ Fashion is treated too much as news rather than what it is, what it does and how it performs.
✧ When I don’t have any ideas, I pick up fabric and start working with it and something happens.
✧ A woman should be less concerned about Paris and more concerned about whether the dress she’s about to buy relates to the way she lives.
✧ Clothes should be as interesting on the inside as on the outside. Even if you enjoy it totally alone, it’s important.
✧ Clothes should look as if a woman was born into them. It is a form of possession, this belonging to one another.
✧ I come in. I’m going to sketch, I’m going to drape, I don’t know what I’m going to do.
✧ The influence of Paris, for instance, is now minimal. Yet a lot is written about Paris fashion.
✧ The unimaginable always becomes the unforgettable.
✧ I hate clothes that look saleable. I love when they look desirable.
✧ I gave up medicine. So I’ll give up fashion. . . I could be a colorist of spaceships.
🖎 Author: Geoffrey Beene
♛ Career: Fashion designer
📅 Life: August 30, 1924 – September 28, 2004
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