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Top 10 Quotes of Raf Simons:
πŸ’« I would prefer to use the word free. I think the Dior thing is so much freer. There was not so much free about Jil’s way of working.
πŸ’« Sometimes it’s more a matter of collaboration which matters in a collection.
πŸ’« I’m usually very attracted to things that I can’t define. If something’s too clear, it’s very often not inspiring to me anymore.
πŸ’« Fashion has a long interest in collaborative situations.
πŸ’« I’m very attracted to things that I can’t define.
πŸ’« But overall I want to make sure people fall in love with the clothes and that they are satisfied
πŸ’« I know this independence is what people like most about my brand.
πŸ’« My whole life, I’ve always had to be surrounded by creative things. I find it relaxing to be in touch with creations by other people.
πŸ’« In fashion, general people will look to the piece itself. [Some designers] concentrate on, ‘How can I make this seam look special?’ or ‘What am I going to do with that button so it looks interesting?’ I am not interested in that. At the moment, I am more interested in the shape and the form. I have a big desire to make clothes without defining them.
πŸ’« It felt wrong for me to stay totally connected to that very strict way of approaching the heritage – what it can be, what it cannot be. That was also the period where I really thought, “No, let’s open it up.”
πŸ–Ž Author: Raf Simons
β™› Career: Fashion designer
πŸ“… Life: b. January 12, 1968
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