➿ Top 20 Quotes of Ozwald Boateng – Fashion designer

Top 20 Quotes of Ozwald Boateng:
✱ A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes a lot of hard work.
✱ Style is an extension of yourself. My approach is to enhance the personality of the wearer, so he has his own voice
✱ If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it well. That’s just my character, that’s just the way it is with me.
✱ You can’t have style if you don’t have substance.
✱ I have my fashion empire to build.
✱ Shirt collars are very important to me. Putting a very soft shirt collar with a formal suit doesn’t work for me at all.
✱ My wife and I have a tradition of popcorn and videos with our kids on Friday evenings.
✱ In Los Angeles, I’m always in Fred Segal. It’s become a ritual. I have lunch and then buy lots of things I don’t need. Usually tons of clothes for the kids that they grow out of in 10 seconds.
✱ When I started, department stores were either very fashion, or very tailored, so the two never mixed. I mixed it, and they said you’re too tailored for fashion and too fashion for tailoring. So I had to move the market. So that’s what I did.
✱ You come to me and it’s my job to make you look the best you can look. From an image point of view, would I prefer to dress Jude Law instead of Rolf Harris? Of course. But it’s my job to make them both look great.
✱ Tailoring was considered to be a world that was very traditional, and basically going out of fashion. Fashion designers did not have a real link with tailoring or tradition, so I fused the two worlds together.
✱ If you’re a designer, there’s got to be some films that you’ve seen that have inspired you creatively. There’s no escaping that.
✱ Anyone can wear any color. The question is about finding the right shade. There is a momentary trend to dark colors because when the financials are not that great, people go for black, navy and grey.
✱ When things happen – you ask yourself why today, why not tomorrow, why not yesterday? That’s the most amazing thing about time.
✱ Because I’m a designer, I’m quite good when I shop. I know what I’m looking for.
✱ Film is such a very good tool for communicating emotions, and all designers and creative people look to inspire an emotional response.
✱ Film has always been a really good tool for me to communicate emotion about why I create a collection. I’m probably one of the first designers to make short films.
✱ I had a suit made for me when I was five. It was double-breasted, mohair and purple. My mother was very particular about clothing – it always used to have to go back into the plastic and it used to drive me insane.
✱ I haven’t been to a job interview since I was 16 years old. When I was approached by Givenchy it was more like a courtship.
✱ I’m doing a lot of things in Africa. I’ve formed a company with two friends of mine called Made In Africa and we are doing a lot of important things across the continent.
🖎 Author: Ozwald Boateng
♛ Career: Fashion designer
📅 Life: b. February 28, 1967
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