Commitment is actually something that is hard to fake!

How can you be SURE someone is committed to you?

It’s actually really simple, says science: It’s all about sacrifice.

Researchers from the Netherlands looked into what it really takes to make us commit to others and the main ingredient is “executive control,” a label used to categorize a particular group of mental capabilities, which allow an individual to relinquish their self-interest. These mental abilities include resisting temptation, ability multi-task, and ability to retain new information.

They asked couples to take a survey pertaining to their level of commitment within their current relationship. In order to measure sacrifice they randomly selected one partner to do an undesirable task while the other one watched entertaining videos.

The “frustrating task” consisted of typing out random strings of text for as long as possible. However, whenever they chose to stop their partner couldn’t continue watching the video because they then had to takeover the typing task.

Their willingness to keep going so their partner could continue enjoying themselves showed ability and willingness to sacrifice.

So basically, if he can practice a little self-control and be selfless, he’s in it for the long haul. But if your man is the type to run at the first sign that your relationship won’t always be entertaining — well, there’s your answer!


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