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10 Awesome Ways To Have Fun If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day – ZUMI

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It’s that time of the year again. A time where you’re greeted with red roses, heart-shaped flowers and lovey-dovey couples everywhere you look. If you happen to be single on Valentine’s Day, it can feel like you’re in a completely different world that you just can’t relate to.

It can be tempting to either wallow in self-pity or get very bitter, but that won’t do you any good. Instead, consider these awesome and empowering ways to enjoy being single on Valentine’s Day.

1. Have a plan

One way to ensure you don’t wallow on Valentine’s Day is to have an actual plan. So, by all means, pick one or more of these ideas listed here to ensure you’re prepared.

single on valentine's day

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2. Treat yourself

What rule book says you only have to show love to someone else on Valentine’s Day? You’re worth loving too. So treat yourself to a spa day, new hairstyle or something super special you have always wanted to buy for yourself.

3. Plan a getaway

Take a trip to a different state with friends or family members and make a whole different type of memories.

4. Make someone else’s day special

You don’t have to bury the romantic part of you on Valentine’s Day just because you’re single. You can help another couple set up a special day. For example, let your parents know how much you love them by helping them plan a romantic dinner.

single on valentine's day

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5. Go to your favorite restaurant

If Valentine’s Day isn’t your cheat day, we don’t know what is. Go to your favorite restaurant and enjoy some delicious meal and desserts.

6. Bake a cake

So there’s no bae to send you a cake for Valentine’s, who cares? How about you bake one for yourself. It’s a project that will keep you busy with some delicious treat at the end as a reward.

7. You can stay in too

If you’ll rather not go out, that’s fine too. Stay in and pamper yourself. Take a long bath, paint your nails and do all your favorite things.

single on valentine's day

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8. Go on a date

Just because there will be no kissing at the end of it doesn’t mean you have to ditch the whole idea of a date altogether. Wear something fancy, go out with your friend(s) and enjoy the atmosphere.

9. Share the love

Compose a heartwarming message and send to everyone you love. It can be the perfect opportunity to let them know you care.

10. Have fun with kids

Have nieces or nephews? Offer to take care of them so their parents can go out. Order pizza, watch cartoons, . hide-and-seek, and have some child-like fun.

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