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10 Bad Habits People Learn . Emulating the S*x In P**n



When people try to learn about s*x . imitating the s*x in P0*n, they can pick up some pretty unsafe techniques. There is certainly some P0*n that shows healthy habits. There are also a lot of ways that people have s*x in P0*n that can cause some real health problems. Below you will find ten ways that actors commonly have s*x in P0*n that can lead to unfortunate physical or emotional consequences.

10 Coming In Someone’s Eyes
A man orgasming on his partner’s face (what is often casually referred to as “a facial”) is a not an uncommon climax when people are having s*x in P0*n. Although it’s less common in real life, it’s important to know semen in the eyes can cause real health problems. Both the private parts and the eyes are mucosal surfaces. That means they are susceptible to many of the same pathogens. Several common STDs, including gonorrhea and chlamydia, can lead to severe eye infections—or even blindness.
9 Using Your Fingers To Penetrate Someone When You Have Long Nails
Many people enjoy manual penetration of the v**ina or anus (fingering and fisting). However, when engaging in these activities, long fingernails can be dangerous. Not only is there a risk of scratching your partner, but the bacteria that live under fingernails can cause an infection.

It’s generally a good idea to use latex or nitrile gloves when penetrating your partner with your fingers or hand. This becomes significantly truer if you have long nails. It is possible to pad long nails with cotton inside your gloves. However, if you’re going to have a lot of s*x with your hands, you may just want to cut your long nails off.
8 Not Using Sufficient Lubrication

When people are having s*x in P0*n, one thing that you rarely see is either partner pulling out a bottle of lubricant. Scarily, that’s true for both vaginal and an*l s*x. Although there are some questions about what the best type of lubricant is for an*l s*x, it is generally accepted that proper lubrication makes both vaginal and an*l s*x safer.

Lubrication not only reduces the risk of tearing—which can increase the risk of infection—but it also often makes s*x more pleasurable for both partners. One caution: You probably want to avoid using lubricants containing nonoxynol-9. That’s particularly true if you are having a lot of s*x. There is a chance that excessive N-9 use may actually increase your likelihood of acquiring an STD.
7 Using Spit for Lubrication

If you’ve been trying to learn about s*x . watching P0*n, you can probably be forgiven for thinking that most people use spit for lubrication instead of an actual lubricant. However, this is a bad idea for two reasons. The first is that spit simply isn’t that good of a lubricant. Furthermore, it’s difficult for most people to make a sufficient amount of it. The second is it’s possible that saliva might be able to transmit certain STDs. However, that risk is not well-established and probably low.

6 Going from an*l to Vaginal s*x (or Vice Versa)

Switching back and forth from an*l to vaginal s*x without changing condoms, or for that matter without wearing condoms at all, is a terrible habit It may be one of the worst habits that people can learn about s*x from watching P0*n. The rectum is not a clean environment. Getting fecal bacteria and parasites in the v**ina is not good for a woman’s health.

If you do want to have both vaginal and an*l s*x in a single s*xual marathon, wear a condom. Then, be sure to put on a new one every time you move between orifices. It’s good hygiene and helps protect your partner’s health. Making sure you’re using a clean barrier is also important if you’re penetrating your partner with fingers or a s*x toy.

5 Going from an*l Penetration to Oral Penetration

The bacteria and viruses that may be present in the rectum can cause serious systemic illnesses—including several forms of hepatitis. So don’t move an object, including a man-hood, from the anus to the mouth. Doing so risks your partner ingesting any pathogen that would be found in their feces. It’s a really bad idea. Wash up well, or change condoms, after you’ve put something in someone’s anus. That’s true generally, but extra important if you intend to then move it to their mouth.

4 Not Using Condoms For Intercourse

One of the first things that most people, although apparently not most P0*n producers, learn about s*x is that if you’re going to have intercourse, practicing safe s*x can reduce the chance of contracting an STD. That means using condoms for intercourse and doing so every time. This is particularly true when you are having s*x with new or casual partners and are uncertain of their testing status and recent risky behavior.

3 Having Unprotected Oral s*x

Even people who don’t learn about s*x from P0*n often assume that oral s*x is safe s*x. In reality, unprotected oral s*x can put you at risk of numerous STDs. Fortunately, you can make both fellatio and cunnilingus a lot safer . using barriers. Anilingus can be made safer with barriers as well.

2 Performing Any Unprotected Act with Multiple Partners

When you’re looking at how people have s*x in P0*n, you often see the star of the film having s*x with one partner after another. Sometimes you see them having s*x with multiple partners at once. When that s*x is unprotected, it potentially exposes that person to any STDs that one of the partners might have. It also potentially exposes those partners to each other. This is true for oral, vaginal, and an*l s*x.

1 Not Talking Before You Have s*x

There aren’t many P0*nographic films where people talk things through before having s*x. That’s a shame because in real life negotiation is incredibly important.

There are many things people talk about before having s*x—such as screening history, feelings about safe s*x, and recent risky behaviors—that understandably aren’t shown before s*x in P0*n. However, there are other issues that should be brought up more often. For example, it’s always a good idea to discuss whether your partner is interested in particular s*xual acts before engaging in them. Even if the act in question seems unremarkable to you, it might be a hard limit for your partner. Upsetting or frightening someone during s*x is a great way to ruin both of your evenings.

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