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10 Foods That Make Nigerians Fart Aside Beans



Whenever the Nigerian air is polluted from a disturbed bowel, the first suspect will be the person who ate beans or anything made from beans; akara, moi-moi or beans pie. This is because it is believed that beans contains so much proteins that the body can not all absorb. This is true, whether baked, cooked or fried, beans has a high content of raffinose which is hardly digested by the body, it is also rich in soluble fiber that can slow down digestion. It is therefore very important to minimize the quantity of beans consumed, and also watch the combinations we do with beans. However, there are other foods aside beans that can trouble the tummy and make someone release gas. These foods can be avoided, especially when you find yourself in public.

Foods That Can Make You Disgrace Yourself In Public

1. Starchy Foods

A typical Nigerian cannot stay for two days without eating rice, amala, eba, processed wheat or starch. These starchy foods contain carbohydrates which often lead to intestinal gases when decomposed. The worst are the products containing wheat. Eating other starchy foods like corn and potatoes can also lead to bloating, unlike rice for example, which seems to be harmless in this regard.

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2. Soft Drinks

Soft Drink

An average Nigerian takes a bottle of chilled soft drink every day, and this might be that reason why your stomach rumbles. Most soft drinks contain synthetic sweeteners and also gas. If you want to avoid embarrassing yourself in public with gassing and belching, then try taking natural drinks instead, such as orange or pineapple juice, they can actually ease digestion and make the process less stressful.

3. Cereal


Cereals are made of grains and wheat and can cause bloating due to the high amount of soluble fibers it contains. But if you want to eat them for their many benefits, try to include it in your diet gradually and consume it in limited quantities. If you notice it doesn’t make you release gas, then you can increase the intake by just a little. This also applies to pap and custard.

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4. Milk

Tea is one regular breakfast for most Nigerians and of course every cup of tea contains milk. Milk and other dairy products contain lactose, which can be difficult to digest when the body does not have enough lactate, the enzyme that assimilates lactose. This can cause excessive intestinal gas for some people, especially lactose intolerant people. If you are one, reduce your intake of milky foods at all costs, else you will be staying in the toilet most of the times.

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5. Eggs


Egg yolks and whole eggs store significant amounts of protein and choline and are widely eaten by Nigerians. Egg roll, noddles, fried yam and plantain are often eaten alongside either boiled or fried egg, and due to the high protein content in eggs it makes the stomach bloat. Aside that, there are some other potential health issues arising from eating egg with poor quality and storage. It could make you fart a lot or trigger allergies in some individuals.

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