We all like to think our partners are honest with us, and when it comes to the important things, they probably are.

But there are a few things a woman might want to keep to herself, so as to keep the peace in the relationship and avoid hurting your feelings. We ask a few women to share some of these secrets, see the tops things they lie about below.

1. You are the best I ever had: “My boyfriend is always asking me how he fares s exually when compared to other men I have been with, and even though I do not think he is outstandingly amazing, I do enjoy s ex with him. So, to avoid making him feel bad, I tell him he is the best partner I ever had.” – Kike, 23.

2. I have had s ex with X amount of guys: “I have been intimate with more guys than I admit to my boyfriend. I love him and I know he will prefer it if I do not have so many s exual partners in my past, so I tell the lie.” – Enitan, 24

3. I make X amount of money: “My fiancee provides for me and fulfills most of my needs, even though I also have a job. I earn more than him but he does not know it. I am afraid that if I tell him, he may feel inferior and may even stop providing for me.” Kate, 26.

4. I love your mother/family: “It is very important for my husband that I accept and love his mother. Although I do not hate her, I do not really agree with her way of life. It will make my husband unhappy if he knows this so I convince him I love and admire her.” Diana, 26

5. I am only attracted to you: “Since meeting my husband 6 years ago, I have had some instances where I have felt an attraction for other men. I never cheated, but I couldn’t possibly tell my husband this for fear that he will become suspicious that I am cheating. So I keep it to myself.” – Vivian, 28

6. The money is not important: “Although I am not materialistic, I do wish my fiancee made more money and spend more on me. I am envious of other women whose husbands get them everything they need. But I know my fiancee loves me and I love him, so I find the strength to stay and hope that he gets in a better financial place so he can really provide for my material needs” – Tawa, 27.

7. I do not love you: “I see a lot of my friends get taken advantage of when they tell or show how much they love their man. I do not want this so I pretend a lot that I am not really into my boyfriend. It makes him keep working hard for my affection.” Comfort, 23

8. I love you: “I will not say I am really in love with my husband, but I care about him and I could never divorce him because I need to keep my family together. So I tell him how much I love him.” – Lola, 29.

9. I don’t care about your looks: “I wish my fiancee were a little taller. We are almost the same height and this bothers me but it does not seem to bother him. If I wear heels around him, I tower over him and it is not s exy. But I cannot tell him that so he will not feel bad.” – Norah, 28.

10. You were my first choice: “Really, when I was about to marry, there was someone else I wanted, but it didn’t really work out. My husband was my second choice and I am with him because I could not have my first. This is something he will never know.” – Beverly, 29.