Buhari 9

Not many people know that the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is a devout lover of children. Many see him as the stern dictator that ruled Nigeria years back under the military regime but not many have discovered the soft side to the president.

As we celebrate the children’s day today, we take a look at 10 photographs that have revealed that President Muhammadu Buhari has a soft spot for children.

1.) The President must be saying, “See my cute little granddaughter
Buhari child

2.)Well, that’s a presidential handshake
Buhari 2

3.) “What is your name?
Buhari 3

4.) Smile Baby, Smile!
Buhari 4

5.) “Sir, Did You hear what the V.P told me?”
Buhari 5

6.) Time for some television programmes
Buhari 6

7.) A presidential selfie
Buhari 7

8.) It’s family time
Buhari 8

9.) High five for the boys
Buhari 9

10.) It’s time to .

Buhari 10


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