10 Marvelous Makeup Tips From Mario Dedivanovic September 1, 2015

Well, you’ve heard that there is always a woman behind every successful man. But do you want to know who the man behind Kim Kardashian’s drop dead gorgeous looks is? Ladies, here’s presenting Mario Dedivanovic. His makeup tricks have made Kim the most sought after ‘A’ lister in Hollywood, in terms of makeup. So let’s hear it from the man himself. Here’s listing out ten makeup tips straight from the diary of Mario Dedivanovic. Take a look:

1. It’s Always Makeup First, Hair Second:

Mario says that tackling the hair first always leaves a splatter of hair spray behind that needs to be wiped before the makeup is put on. Else, the alcohol could react with the product, which could change the color or the texture or both. In the event that the hair is done first, the face should be wiped well before you start your makeup. But think about it, to apply makeup, you need to tie your hair back, to make sure you have as much area you can get to work with. So, if you decide to go in for a nice big blow out, would you want to tie it up?

2. Emollient Moisturizer In, Primer Out:

Instead of a primer, Mario suggests you use a softening cream on the face and the neck. He says that it provides a great base, and helps the foundation blend beautifully. He says that the primer acts like a barrier between the makeup and the skin. He recommends using Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream.

3. Foundation Must Be Applied EVERYWHERE:

Well, any part of your body that is exposed, apart from the face and neck, where you already apply foundation, which means, the ears, the arms, legs, chest and even the feet. If that sounds a little over the top, it is best that you apply some at least on the ears, or else they will end up looking darker in photographs.

4. Make Friends With The Powder Puff:

This is a cool technique to make sure you don’t smudge your foundation. It also gives you a great balance as you apply your eyeliner and fill your brows. Once you are done with your base, just press the powder puff against your face, while you are doing your liner and brows. You are going to love this technique.

5. Ombre Brows Look Subtle And Pretty:

Mario takes as much time as he requires making sure he perfects the eyebrows, and the results make that time absolutely worth it. Considering you are using a brown, he suggests you use a medium brown to fill the outer corners of the brows, and lighten the shade as you go in. The brows appear softer and lighter when you use this method.

6. It Is Always Creams First, Powders Second:

Mario loves cream based products, and avoids using eye primers too. He lets the cream based shadow do the work of a primer too. Then, once the cream base is set, he uses pigments or powders over it, as it makes everything look richer and more intense.

7. Triple Line Your Eyes:

Using just one eyeliner is a big no-no in Mario’s opinion. He uses three to four layers of different eyeliners to define the eyes beautifully. He says that in doing so, the look seems luxurious and expensive. He uses kohl for the lashes, and goes over it with a liquid liner, and finishes it with a cream color. The perfect winged eye.

8. “Bake” The Dark Circles Away:

The brilliant new baking concept is Mario’s baby. He calls it the sandbagging effect, and it can surely make all your dark circles disappear. How to do it? Simple, just apply your concealer in the inverted triangle method, under your eyes. Blend the edges such that they diffuse themselves with the foundation. Now, using a piece of sponge, coat the concealer with loose powder. Leave it in for about twenty minutes, and then dust the excess off. The magic is unveiled.

9. Lashes Are A Serious Business:

Mario swears by the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara for the lashes. He applies it generously from the roots to the tops, and then uses a lash comb to separate the hair out. If you need false lashes to create the dramatic look, add them on, and then use a coat of mascara over both the lashes again. This creates amazing looking lashes. And the lashes must shine.

10. The Mantra Is Contour, Highlight Twice, And Blush:

He takes contouring very, very seriously. Kim Kardashian’s chiseled jaws are proof enough. He works his magic with contouring the cheeks and the nose, a double highlighting, and then finishing off the look with a blush on the apples of the cheeks and the temples. You end up looking like a million bucks.

Kim Kardashian’s real hero has to be Mario Dedivanovic. And if you love how she looks, this is one guy you must follow. But to start off with, you have these ten tips already. Have fun!

Image Credit: Rena Schild / Shutterstock.com


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