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10 Mind-Blowing Necktie Knots – INFORMATION NIGERIA



Tying a tie is one of those things separating the men from the boys. And yet, most of us only have command of two, three knots tops. “How many knots are there?” Dozens, at least, most of which will totally amaze you. Check out these ten types to help change you up.

Christiansen Knot: This is a subtle, intricate knot, one that will show those paying careful attention that you are putting in the extra effort without showing off too much.

Eldredge Knot: >’s one that everyone is going to notice and wonder just how you did that. But, remember a knotsmith never reveals his secrets.

Novotny Knot: Troll your friends by telling them you are wearing an Eldredge knot. They won’t know the difference and you can spend all day with a smug sense of superiority.

Hourglass Knot: How about a knot on top and on bottom? This is a serious power knot for a serious power player who wants everybody to know he’s operating on the next level.

Plattsburgh Knot: What we love about this type of knot is how classy it is; no one knows you have got some esoteric knot tied. They just know you have got a big knot and a killer double dimple.

Merovingian Knot: This knot is as esoteric as its namesake. Only the most patient and painstaking gentleman will be able to rock this knot, to be saved for extra special occasions.

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Onassis Knot: This ghost knot will everyone wondering where your knot is. But that secret is between you and your personal stylist.

Pratt Knot: Symmetrical, square and straight-up for the man who likes the classics but wants to expand his repertoire.

Trinity Knot: A playful knot, basically a more professional and adult replacement for the wackie tie.

Van Wijk Knot: Sort of only acceptable if you were Salvador Dali in a past life.

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