Take a look at the list of what activities to avoid in early pregnancy:

1. Say No To Heavy Weight Training:

Weights can cause serious injury to your abdomen. It is better to be safe than sorry, so avoid weight training when you’re expecting.

2. Do Not Exercise Lying On The Stomach:

Lying on stomach can cause injury to your baby, not to mention giving you a very uncomfortable posture.

3. Even a small insignificant injury can have great consequence.Try modifying your exercise and make yourself comfortable.

4. Avoid Sauna Bath Or Hot tubs:

Relaxing in hot bath tub can be dangerous as it can lead to birth defects. It may also lead to infectious ailments, if the water or the tub is not clean.

5. Avoid Amusement Park:

It goes without saying that getting on amusement park rides is big no-no at this time!

6. Running and jogging are okay only if you have been running several years before you got pregnant.

Do not start a running routine as a fresh beginner. It is better to walk than run, at this delicate time of your life.Jogging too is not recommended, as there are chances when you might lose control and get injured.

7. Avoid Cycling:

Your growing tummy will sit not well on a cycle, so it is better to boycott cycling during your pregnancy.

9. No Contact Sports:

Swimming, skiing, volleyball, horse riding et al can be dangerous during this time.

10. No Rigorous Work:

This is a time to take things easy. If you exercise, let it be at a place you know, like home or a nearby gym.


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