Here are a few Nigerian pidgin proverbs and their translations;

1. “Today’s newspaper na suya paper for tomorrow”

Meaning: No position is permanent in the long run

2. “I get am before no be property”

Meaning: You need to live in the present, not the past.

3. “If life dey show you pepper, make pepper soup”

Meaning: Always look out for the best things from the bad struggles

4. “Answer your papa name”

Meaning: Speak for yourself and only you.

5. “Na from clap dance dey start”

Meaning: It’s the tiny things you do today that leads to the big ones you do later on

6. “You no fit collect water wey dem use make eba”

Meaning: Don’t cry over spilt milk

7. “The matter wey you no want baba to hear, na im go settle am last last”

Meaning: Everything you’re hiding in secret will come out eventually.

8. “The difference between kpekere and plantain chips na packaging”

Meaning: The way you put yourself together matters a whole lot

9. No matter how your tempa hot reach, you no fit use am boil beans

Meaning: Your hot temper won’t get you anywhere

10. If person too tey for party, e go follow dem dey wash plate

Meaning: Never overstay your welcome

11. Akara and moi-moi get the same parent na wetin dey pass tru make dem different

Meaning: The finish line is the ultimate judge



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