10 Questions And Answers Over PH And GH Unfrozen Mavro On January 14th As Promised By MMM



> are answers to your questions over the mavros to be unfrozen on January 14th, as promised by MMM.

Question 1: I’ve pledged to PH but don’t have the money to fulfil it?

Answer: PH only if you have the #SpareMoney# to fulfil it, if not cancel it now.

Question 2: Can l still change my phone number that has been confirmed?

Answer: Yes and can only be done through the support section of your PO.

Question 3: Are mavros to be unfrozen in batches?

Answer: No, All confirmed marvos will be unfrozen on January 14th get more information in ur PO soon.

Question 4: Must l PH to be able to GH on January 14th.

Answer: No, PHing to be able to GH on January 14th isn’t compulsory. Await more info in ur PO soon.

Question 5: What must be done to be able to GH on January 14th?

Answer: Nothing, Just await further information in ur PO. Don’t over finger” your PO.

Question 6: Will mavros be unfrozen on January 14th?

Answer: Yes, all confirmed marvos will be unfrozen on January 14th as promised. More info in ur PO soon.

Question 7: Would we be able to get our money ? back?

Answer: Be rest assured that you will be able to GH every confirmed mavros from January 14th #MMMPays#

Question 8: Must l perform #PromoTasks# to be able to GH?

Answer: No, Performance of #PromoTasks# is ur personal contribution to the growth of MMM Community.

Question 9: ls it compulsory to confirm my email address and phone number in my PO?

Answer: No, Just be sure your phone number is correct and active.

Question 10: What if PH level surpasses GH level?

Answer: The new model to be unveiled soon got all your worries covered. Hakuna Matata! ?


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