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10 Real Struggles Of Nigerians Who Fear Dogs




If you hate dogs or fear them, then you can totally relate to this piece by INFORMATION NIGERIA.

How you run for your life when you see a dog approaching


How you look when someone says it wouldn’t bite you

You suddenly realise that you have trust issues.

How you act when visiting  somone that  has a dog

look side

Don’t want to take chances

When your housemate says he’s  getting a dog

nope nah

Not Happening

When someones says they love dogmeat

Lord have mercy!!!

When you enter a house without finding out if they have a dog

Is this how it ends???

When a dog tries to be friendly  with you

When a dog owner walks a dog down the street like in the movies

When you actually hear how nuch it costs to care for a dog



When they  inform you that  the  dog terrorising you on your street has died


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