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10 Reasons Women Break Up With Men



How many times have you been sat down by the girl you’re dating to be told that ‘It’s not you, it’s me’? Relationships end; that’s inevitable, but if you can’t keep hold of a girl then it might be time to look inwards and discover what you’re doing wrong. Here we show you 10 ways guys cause a break-up.

You got busted

You’ve heard it all before, but we have to say it again: trust is important. If you’ve been caught lying again then believe us, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be getting ditched. You can’t continue in a relationship if the other person doesn’t trust you, so be careful if you often deceive your girl.

She thinks you don’t care

One of the most common way guys cause a break-up is by making their girls think that they don’t care about them. In your head you might know that you care about your girlfriend, but if you miss important dates, seem uninterested in her life or repeatedly let your lady down, she will obviously conclude that you don’t feel the same way about her as she feels about you.

You take her to the cheapest restaurant in town

It might not be fair, but even though we’re in the twenty first century women still rate guys on their status. Therefore, if you take your girl to the cheapest restaurant in town, where the dish of the day is mac and cheese, then chances are she’ll break-up with you. Research says that women are attracted to a man’s wealth so if you scrimp on the date she’ll probably be calling a cab before you’ve even eaten dessert.

You still live at home

What’s wrong with living at home? It’s cheap and your parents offer an in-house laundry service and iron your socks the way you like. Although you might like living at home, girls won’t. This is because living at home when you’re a fully grown man suggests you haven’t got your life together and that you are always going to be dependent and lazy. As you might have already guessed, these aren’t qualities women look for in long-term boyfriends.

You are possessive

No one likes to feel trapped and if you find that you become possessive and controlling with your girlfriend then eventually she will leave you. You might think you’re protecting her, but telling your girl that she can’t speak to her male friends or trying to hack into her . account will make her say those all too familiar words – ‘I think it’d be best if we didn’t see each other anymore.’

You dropped your nephew

Although she might never have said it to you, when you’re with kids your girlfriend will be watching you to see if you would be a good dad. It’s not just when you’re with kids either. Your girl will be looking for signs throughout your relationship that your possess the qualities that would make you an excellent guy to start a brood with. So, if you don’t want to cause another break-up, show her that you’re caring, considerate and reliable.

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