10 Signs He’s Your Soulmate


Sometimes, a person comes into your life and the two of you have a special connection – a static bond that seems like it was meant for the two of you to meet. Someone that truly understands and accepts you for who you are…but you’re still looking for a sign. Here are some sure signals that your boo is the one.

1. You reveal yourself in vulnerable, fragile moments that you usually hide yourself from the world. Instead, you want to open yourself up to that person and let them be there for you in the moments of vulnerability.

2. You’re not complacent in a comfort zone when you’re with them. They challenge you to self-expand and face your fears, which is essential to growing as a person. This might seem scary, but it means someone really loves you.

3. You can eat a messy-a*s burrito in front of them, and they’ll look at your as though you’re a beauty queen presenting in a pageant. And you don’t even care about looking cute because you know they think you’re a goddess.

4. Spending a day apart feels like a month – when you’re finally together, you can’t keep your hands off each other, or stop filling each other in on every little detail of your day.

5. Even when they’re sick with the worst, most contagious flu ever, you will still take care of them and marinate in their horrible germs because you love this person more than your own immune system.

6. Errands don’t really feel like errands when you’re running them with your partner. From going to the supermarket, to even doing taxes, they make you laugh and feel naturally light, so tedious tasks feel less annoying.

7. The moments that he’s most obsessed with you are the moments when you’re disheveled, straight out of the shower, au naturale, in sweats and his tee…”Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on”…Have you found your Drake?

8. Nothing is TMI – you can tell him everything, no filter, and vise versa. (Bodily functions and all).

9. You can’t imagine being with someone else. Even when that hunky, 6 foot tall glass of water walks by you and winks in the street, you’re only thinking about what you’re going to do to bae when he gets home.

10. You wouldn’t be scared to move somewhere else for them, because they feel like “home”, the only place you want to come home to at night is them, so the city doesn’t matter.


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