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10 Strange Things Women Do When They Are PregnantZUMI

We all love being pregnant and seeing pregnant people, there’s an unquestionable beauty to creating new life. But have you ever noticed some strange thing women do when they’re pregnant and you wonder “Why”? well that’s what we’re going to deal with today.

Here are 10 strange things women do when they are pregnant:

Eating Habits

1. Pregnant women have a habit of eating very strange things and mixing up very odd foods. Then they blame it on the baby.

2. They also have a funny habit of putting their plate on their tummy and eating from it. Are you using the baby’s butt as a stool?

3. Checking their weight every time and then going right back to eating a lot of food.

strange things women do when they are pregnant

(Photo: Fab Woman)


4. Laughing, crying and yelling all at the same time and for no specific reason. You could hug a pregnant woman and she’ll just burst into tears.

5. Complaining about how stressful it is to carrying a baby and how the baby is kicking and bugging. Then in the next second talking about how much of a blessing being pregnant is.

6. Cleaning and arranging the house every five seconds, taking a break and then cleaning and changing things all over again. Apparently, it’s called nesting.

strange things women do when they are pregnant

(Photo: Genevieve Magazine)

General Odd Behaviour

7. Dancing with their belly like it’s a normal thing to do. They really don’t know it scares other people. We really are scared the baby will fall out.

8. Talking to the baby like an old friend they’ve had since they were kids. They get so wrapped up in the conversation sometimes you’re wondering…

9. Pregnant women keep trying to look at their feet even when they know they can’t see it. What’s the point of trying ma?

10. Stripping completely naked and lying down on the floor like it’s such a normal thing to do.

All these odd behaviours are typical of most pregnant women and can be blamed on hormones. So allow yourself to enjoy the feeling, you’re carrying another human being.

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