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10 Things Men Do When They Want To Spend Their Lives With You



Men and women obviously express their feelings differently, so sometimes it’s a struggle to know how your man really feels. Every man clearly has his own way of flirting, but these common little signs tend to demonstrate when men are in love:

1. A man in love is attentive when you’re around. Does he look into your eyes and speak directly to you, even when there a bunch of other people around? No matter the group you’re in, he directs his attention to you.

2.Nothing is more important to a man in love than to be with the woman who makes him passionate. Of course he has his own job, friends and hobbies, but he shows how important it is to be with you. When he sees you, it makes him joyful.

3.A man who wants to win over a woman’s heart tries to impress her. He wants her to see he is something special.

4.When he’s in love with you, he wants your attention. One of the best ways for him to do this is to tease you. Nicknames, jokes … he tries to do anything to get you to smile. It’s his way of feeling like he is charming to you.

5.A man in love can be very observant; this is part of how he wins you over. This can become noticeable in how he compliments you. He notices how you look and appreciates your beauty.

6. When men are especially earnest in their interest, they look for little things they can give you to show their interest like a small gift or simple flower.

7.Not all men are jealous, and too much jealousy is unhealthy, but your man doesn’t want to have to divide your attention with other men. When this consistently happens, he can start to feel uncomfortable and occasionally threatened.

8. Men tend to have a harder time talking about their feelings. If he is opening up and talking to you about himself, it shows he trusts you. This is an indication he is taking your relationship seriously.

9. He is proud of you and proud to be with you. Because of this, he wants to show you off to the world, including to his friends and family.

10. Arguably one of the greatest signs a man is in love is when he makes plans for the future including you. Dinners, trips, parties—if it’s in the future and he wants you there, this is a great indication he plans on being with you for a long time.



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