There are a lot of girls you have to go through before finding Ms. Right. Let’s cover the different types of them! (H/t: Lifehack)

Daddy’s Girl

This girl may be 25. But she love spending time with daddy. He financially subsidizes her, and he’s also the first person she calls when her car breaks, her boss yells at her, or she has an extra ticket to a concert. Isn’t that supposed to be your role?

The Party Girl

She always knows where the party is and has friends wherever you go. Also she tells funny stories about that time she got wasted and made out with other boyfriends. Then you find her in a closet doing the same thing when she was supposed to be in a relationship with you.

The Student Girl

This girl is super smart and busy. She’s involved in every activity on campus, whether she’s an undergrad or a grad student. She takes on extra work, and she’s more emotionally committed to her study group partners than to you. When you break up with her, she turns it into a part of her science essay.

Miss Jealousy

“What did you really mean when you said ‘Nice shirt’ to your coworker at that party? What was nice about the shirt? Are you secretly in love with her? This reminds me of what you said last weekend to my sister, remember? ‘I like your car’. You meant you wanted to ride off with her somewhere private and put down the back seat, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU?” You dump her by telling her you have a terminal illness because you’re scared of the repercussions.

Gossip Girl

She tells you about her friend, her friend’s friend, her friend’s boyfriend’s friend. All of her stories seem to be about someone in a bad situation. You break up with her after you start fantasizing about Miss Jealousy. Because at least it was you she was focused on.

Your Mom’s Hopeful Daughter-in-law

This girl and your mom get along like BFF. Your mom drops hints about how it’s time to settle down, and your girlfriend supports that decision. But, to be honest, your mom has more chemistry with this girl than you do. You start hanging out in the library hoping to meet more independent Student Girl.

The Anxiety Case

She is nervous and worried about everything. When you go on a trip, she worries about your leg being broken. When you eat quickly, she worries about you choking. One day you find her a good therapist and say “hasta la vista”.

The Drama Queen

This girl is exciting, she isn’t boring. But soon you realize that it’s exhausting to ride her emotional roller coaster every day. When you break up with her, the scene is heart-wrenching. But she starts dating another guy the very next day.

The Trendsetter

This girl knows what’s in style months before everyone else. It’s great to think you landed someone so stylish and cutting edge, until she starts to throw out some of your favorite clothes.

The Beauty Queen

This girl is so hot that you can’t believe you’re dating her. Your friends are envious! It’s pretty cool, until you realize you have nothing in common. While you’re in the middle of breaking up with her, other guy drives up in a BMW and asks her on a date.

The One

This girl is smart, beautiful, sweet. She laughs at your jokes, and you laugh at hers. Your taste in music, movies, and books is weirdly similar. You wonder what you did to deserve someone so wonderful.


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