Women are inherently beautiful creatures. Men, on the other hand, well… we could use some work. And as women put a lot of effort into enhancing this advantage—it’s why they take considerably longer to get ready—we men need to be on our game want to sustain a lady’s s*xual and emotional interest. Thus, we urge you steer clear of the following behaviors, all of which are scientifically proven to turn women off.

1. Being lazy: Does one’s laziness ever have its perks? Rarely. Psychologists from Australia, the US and Singapore polled over 5,500 singles on their relationship dealbreakers to find that, while men are primarily turned off . a disheveled and unclean appearance, 72 percent of women see laziness as the most glaring of red flags. So drink some coffee and do something already

2. Having poor spelling and grammar: With the prevalence of online dating, using words correctly has become critical. Research . Match.com (which surveyed over 5,000 single women) found that an overwhelming 96 percent rate good grammar as the most important trait, beating out confidence and even the condition of one’s teeth. Proofreading company Grammarly further supported this insight, with research confirming that men who have as little as two spelling mistakes in their dating profiles hurt their chances of getting a response . 14 percent

3. Shaving your legs: According to a survey from Women’s Health magazine, half of women think men shouldn’t touch their leg hair. And yet, trimming is aiiight. Just under 30 percent of women appreciate it—and prefer it to clean-shaven dudes.

4. Posting on social media: Having an online brand is one thing, but documenting your entire life as if you’re a Kardashian is another. In this year’s Singles in America survey . Match.com, 50 percent of singles cite constant social media activity as the biggest tech turn-off. Openly complaining on . is the worst offense, detested . 58 percent of singles (and this writer).

5. Taking your phone everywhere: Having your phone out on a first date can make or break how she feels about you, according to the Singles in America survey. Three in four singles think that answering your phone on a date is a dealbreaker, and 66 percent don’t want to see you texting. Over half don’t even want to see your phone face up, and if that screen is cracked, well, things are pretty much over. Women are 86 percent likelier to negatively judge a man for having an imperfect screen.

6. Not lasting long (or the opposite): On one end of the spectrum, you’ve got the minute man susceptible to premature Release. On the other, you’ve got the whiskey man-hood that couldn’t climax if you paid him. Understandably, women want a man who resides somewhere in between these two extremes. The ideal length for s*x, according to half of respondents from The Rooster’s 2016 s*x survey, is 12 to 30 minutes. But relax: 6 to 12 minutes finished in a healthy second place.

7. Bad kissing: In this same study from The Rooster, the biggest turn-off when s*x “seems like a sure thing” is when a woman fatefully discovers that her partner sucks at kissing. Offending one of her political beliefs comes second, followed . getting too drunk. So if you really wanna put the kibosh on things, why not go for the trifecta?

8. Dressing poorly: Women put a lot of time into their appearance, so it only makes sense that they appreciate it when you do, too. According to research from Elite Singles, 60 percent of women turn down a date due to someone’s piss-poor fashion choices. (Mostly novelty sunglasses, we’re guessing.)

9. Adding your date on .: Even if you think the first date went well, don’t be too quick to add her on .. A separate study from Elite Singles found that two in 10 men will be turned down for date number two if they prematurely add the woman on social media. Other turn-offs? Taking pictures of your meals (and yourself) on a date. Again, keep that phone in your pocket for best results.

10. Dirty talk: Having trouble finding a date online? It could be that you’re sabotaging your owns chances without even knowing it. The biggest online deal-breaker is too much s*xual innuendo, followed . negativity, too brief of a description, narcissism and clichés. So basically everything Ron Burgundy did when things started to go south with Veronica Corningstone, fellas. Consider yourselves warned.

.: Mademen