10 Ways You Are Being Absolutely Rude And You Don’t Even Know It


Random acts of rudeness may be your specialty.Sometimes we go through our day-to-day lives being unreasonably rude, and yet we don’t even realize our actions until it is too late. Here are some rude attitudes:

1. Checking your phone in the middle of a conversation

You do realize there are actual humans around you, right?

2. Not holding the door open for someone right behind you

Again, you do realize there are actual humans around you, right?

3. Not saying thank you to the person who held the door open for you

That person went out of their way to hold that door open!

4. Actually, forgetting to say thank you in general

Be a decent human being and say please and thank you.

5. Eating someone’s leftovers without asking them

That chicken could have been their lunch for work tomorrow, but not anymore.

6. Interrupting someone when they’re speaking

Take a deep breath before you cut them off. What you have to say can wait!

7. Not watching your language

Be respectful and aware of your surroundings. Children especially don’t need to hear your swearing.

8. Refusing to admit you are wrong

Nobody ever died from being wrong. You will live.

9. Talking on the phone when you’re the next person in line

This is just confusing. How does the receptionist check you in when she doesn’t want to interrupt your phone conversation?

10. Sticking your nose in someone else’s business

Your nose belongs on your face, and it should stay there.


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