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109+ Best Hairstyles for Girls Trending for 2020

A fantastic hairstyle for a girl can define your personality, especially for younger girls growing up. Most women and girls ignore their hair and give more importance to their face and body.  However, in reality, your look wouldn’t be complete if you have a perfect face and body but you have terrible hair. Braided hairstyles such as French braids are also common among women. These hairstyles are really perfect for weddings, prom night and other special occasions.


After celebrating the New Year, most of us will be tempted to call our hairstylist in order to make an appointment.  The question is: “What haircut would give you the best look?”  In order to help you in deciding, we have collected the best hairstyles that we think would be trending in 2020.

Best Hairstyles for Girls with Long Hair

Whether you intend to keep your long locks intact, it is still advisable to get your regular trim. In doing this, you prevent split ends, flyaways, and most of all hair breakage. Need inspiration on how to style your long hair? Take a look at our best hairstyles for long hair.


Amazing Hairstyles For Girls

It is best for you to select the hairstyle that suits your personality. If you prefer an elegant updo, here is an amazing hairstyle you can try.

Bangs Hairstyles For Long Hair


The latest hairstyles for girls will be your inspiration in choosing the right hairstyle that fits your personality as well as your style.

Beautiful Braid Hairstyle For Girls

If you are already getting bored with your hairstyle then you can always change it whenever you like. Braids are a great addition to give your style a bit of charm.


Best And Latest Hairstyles For Girls


If you have long wavy locks then you can curl them up outward and let them loose.

Best Hairstyles For Girls

The side bun looks more stylish when combined with fashion accessories. Small pearls on your hair paired with pearl earrings make everything more sweet.

Best Hairstyle Trends

The headband on top of the head matches the necklace. Although matching accessories are good, you can also mix it up a bit by wearing an assortment of ornaments.


Best Long Hairstyle 2020


If you have long straight hair then you can choose to let it loose. While top knots, buns. or ponytails are stylish, sometimes your hair still needs to rest from all the pulling and restyling.

Best Wedding Guest Hairstyle

When you are a wedding guest, you always want to stand out from the rest. However, make sure to not overdo it that you take away the spotlight from the bride.

Best Wedding Guest Hairstyles For Girls


Girls who have long hair will have a lot of options in styling their hair.

Braided Hairstyles For Girls

You need to spend a lot of time if you want this to achieve this style. Though it is time consuming, the end result is all worth it!


Braided Hairstyles For Girls

When you untwist these braids, your hair will turn into spiral curls.

Celebrity Hairstyle For Girls


Celebrity hairstyle for girls is great to try on!

Chinese Best Hairstyles For Girls

Asian hairstyles for girls are quite trendy.


Curly Hairstyle For Girls


Some girls are lucky and blessed to have naturally curly hair. With these locks, you already have a wash and wear hairdo.

Cute Long Hairstyle For Girls


Girls who have long hair can choose whatever style they want.

Easy Hairstyles


There are a lot of easy hairstyles that you can do with your long hair. You can add in thin braids to give your style some character.

Fall Hairstyles For Long Hair


Long hair had never been out of style, whether you are a model or a rocker. It also does not hurt when you add in highlights to accentuate your looks.

Fall Hairstyles Looks


Fall is the time for changes, therefore, it is the perfect time to try new hairstyles.

Girls Best Hairstyles

You can either go sleek or go messy with your hairstyle. Whatever direction you go, make sure it will look natural.

Girls Braided Hairstyles


Braided hairstyles are the new fashion!

Hairstyles 2020


New hairstyle ideas can give you a unique look.

Hairstyles For Blond Hair


You can look more amazing with the latest hairstyle trends.

Hairstyles For Long Hair


The latest hairstyle trends are unique and will provide you a new look.

Hairstyles For School


Hairstyle for girls can help you get easy and effective ideas.

High Topknot Hairstyle


If you want to wear this stylish high topknot then you must have a bunch of long hair in order to get the best result.  Just twist your hair on top of your head.

Long Hair With Bangs


At present, long hair with bangs is most likely the quickest and easiest way to completely change your look in 2020.

Hairstyles For Long Face


This hairstyle is best for oblong, square and diamond face.  The hair should also have medium to thick density.

Long Hair With Braid


Long Wavy Hair

If you are searching for a suitable way to liven up your long hair then you can try this unique braid hairstyle.


Having longer bangs can add glamour to your personality.

Ponytail Hairstyle For Girls


This is a simple ponytail with longer bangs.

Royal Hairstyles For Girls


This royal hairstyle is truly worth it.

Simple Hairstyle For Long Hair


This simple hairstyle looks very elegant.

Nice Hairstyles For Girls


This stunning hairstyle can help you look pretty in 2020.

Everyday Hairstyle For Long Hair


This is a quick and easy everyday hairstyle for long hair.

Smartest Hairstyles For Work


Smartest hairstyles for work are quite unique and attractive as well.

Stunning Messy Updo Hairstyles

Stunning messy updo hairstyles are mostly worn by celebrities.


Taylor Swift Hairstyle


This hairstyle is actually simple and yet it looks exceptionally trendy.

Trendy Hairstyles 2020


Hair styling can be considered as a unique talent.

Trendy Shoulder Length Haircut


Hairstylists can transform your look by creating smart haircuts.

Unique Braid Hairstyle For Girls


With this amazing braid, you can guarantee that all eyes will be on you!

Updo Hairstyles For Girls


Whether you are going to walk down the aisle or it is your first day at school, this adorable hairdo can make you look stunning.

Wavy Hairstyle For Girls


Choose a hairstyle that you can easily manage and give you a totally unique look.

Wavy Hairstyle on Long Hair for girls to the wrist


The great advantage of having a long hair is that it can allow you to create various stylish hairstyles, most often you can go for waves.

Wavy Ponytail Hairstyle


Most girls love wavy hairstyles because it is trendy, very feminine and very hot as well.

Wedding Guest Hairstyle For Girls


Wedding guest hairstyle for girls is perfect for every wedding that you want to attend.

Best Wedding Guest Hairstyle


This is a simple wedding guest hairstyle for long hair.

Best Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair

There are others who feel that maintaining long hair is a difficult job. If you are part of that group, then you can try the medium hair length. Having this type of length gives you enough hair to work on but not too much of a strain to maintain, perfect for her.

Best Hairstyles For Work


This cool hairstyle is sophisticated enough for work.

Blond Hair With Curls


Waves can make you look more feminine and at the same time, it can attract the people around you.

Celebrity Hairstyle For Medium Hair


There are different ways of styling your medium length hair.

Cool Girl Hairstyles With Bangs


This is a cute hairstyle for your cool bangs.

Curly Hairstyles For Girls

This curly hairstyle for girls can make you look refreshed and hotter.


Curly Hairstyles For Medium Hair


This hairstyle is unique and can be worn on any haircut.

Cute And Easy Hairstyles For Thin Hair

Originally posted by pakkm

Thin hair can look amazing by having the right style.

European Hairstyles For Girls


Enjoy the fashion world with this European hairstyle for girls.

Everyday Hairstyles For Bangs

This is one of the different everyday hairstyles for bangs that you can use.

Fall Hairstyles For Medium Hair


This amazing hairstyle can make you fall in love with your medium hair.

Hairstyle For Curly And Colored Hair


Now, more women are embracing their natural curly or wavy hair instead of fighting it.

Hairstyles For Bangs


Bang is back with a bang!

Hairstyles For Long Bangs


Hairstyle with bangs is mostly loved by celebrities over the years.

Hairstyles For Wavy Hair


You can do a lot of experiments with your waves because they look amazing on braids, updos, and headbands.

Medium Hairstyles 2020

Trendy wavy hairstyles can make you look incredibly beautiful.


Medium Length Hairstyles For Girls


This layered shoulder-length hairstyle looks fabulous on girls with thin hair.

New Hairstyle For Girls

Having a nice medium length hair is truly awesome.

Simple Hairstyle For Colored Hair


There are various super cute hairstyles that are perfect for medium length hair.

Simple Hairstyle For Curly Hair


This adorable hairstyle is perfect for medium hair regardless if it has straight or wavy texture.

Simple Hairstyle For Medium Hair


This simple medium length hairstyle is elegant for any occasion.

Best Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

Girls who are always on the go tend to keep short hair length. Aside from being convenient and quick to fix in the morning, it is also easy to maintain. For ladies who favor short hair, here are the best hairstyles for this year.


Best Hairstyles For 2020


Short haircuts are definitely a trend for 2020.

Celebrity Hairstyle For Short Hair


Short hairstyles are for girls who don’t look good with their long hair hanging around.

Chic Fall Hairstyles


Regardless of what your face shape is, you can certainly look lovely on a sexy short wavy hairstyle.

Cute Short Hairstyle For Girls


A shorter haircut is the latest trend.

Trendy Short Hairstyle For Girls


There are special styles for you short pixie haircuts.

Fall Hairstyles For Short Hair


You can look different with your short hair.

Gorgeous Hairstyle For Girls


Most celebrities are now rocking the best short hairstyles.

Haircuts For Girls


This inspiring short hairstyle can change your way of seeing short hair.

Hairstyles For Curly Hair


If you have naturally curly hair then there are different hairstyles that you can do.

Hairstyles For Round Faces


If you have a round face then you can try this hairstyle that will surely make you dazzle.

Hairstyles For Short Hair


With regards to the fashion of short hairstyles, you can try the pixie bob cut with sophisticated contours.

Hairstyles For Straight Hair


Hairstyles for straight hair look modern, chic and clean.

Latest Hairstyle For Girls


You can make the most of your sleek and shiny hair with this gorgeous hairstyle for straight hair.

Latest Short Hairstyle For Girls


If you are getting sick of your long hair then you can rock a sexy short haircut.

Messy Hairstyles For Girls With Bangs


Bangs can be a harmonious complement to your messy hairstyle.

New Hair Trends


The start of the new season is the best time to change your hairstyle.

New Pixie Haircut


Celebrities who look super sexy on their pixie haircuts include Halle Berry, Emma Watson and much more.

Pixie Cut For Blond Hair


Short pixie hairstyle is very versatile and cool.

Pixie Haircut Styles For Women


Pixie haircuts are ideal for girls with heart shaped faces.

Popular European Hairstyle For Girls


This is an amazing easy styling hairstyle during the casual days.

Short Haircut For Women With Thick Hair

This hairstyle for girls with thick hair looks especially good when you have a longer and narrower face shape.

Short Haircuts


It looks like every girl is going short hair, so now’s the best time to take the plunge!

Short Hairstyle For Girls With Bangs


This pixie short hairstyle will surely rule in 2020.

Short Hairstyles 2020


Some women who have had long hair for a long time just can’t imagine themselves with a short haircut.

Short Hairstyles For Girls With Bangs


Today short hairstyles for girls are becoming incredibly popular nowadays.

Short Hairstyles For Round Faces


The Pixie cut hairstyle is more fashionable now than ever before!

Short Hairstyles For Women


Are you looking for a restyle?  Then, how about choosing a short bob hairstyle or a pixie cut?

Short Hairstyles For Work


In order to pull off a short hair, all it takes is just one simple step, cut it off.

Short Hairstyle With Bangs


Combining your bangs with a short hairstyle is the perfect way of wearing your hair.

Short Wavy Hair


Short hair with light curls can give you a stylish look.

Simple Hairstyle For Short Hair


The short wavy hairstyle looks hot and sexy especially if you wear them appropriately.

Slicked Back Hairstyles For Girls


A slicked-back hairstyle for girls can look neat and sophisticated.

Stylish Short Hairstyles


The best short hairstyles for 2020 can make you look fresh and contemporary!

Wavy Hairstyle On Short Hair


Wavy hairstyles have different styles which can make your hair look more chic and trendy.

Easy Hairstyles For Girls to do At Home

It is not always about spending your hard earned cash at an expensive salon. If you are a little short on the budget, you can always try the following easy hairstyles below which you can simply do in less than ten minutes!


Cute Top Knot Hairstyle


Right now the trend is about twist, braids, knots, and buns. Likewise, you will notice in fashion magazines that the hairstyles are not always polished and sleek . What you will see is natural, yet stylishly messy. If you want your hair away from your face, you can try this cute top knot hairstyle.

Braided Twist Hairstyle


Meanwhile, if top knots are not your thing, you can try this simple braided twist hairstyle. Get a small section on the top half of your hair, tie it, then twist from below. You can add thin braids at the sides to give your hairstyle a charming look.

Messy ponytail


On the other hand, if you want your long hair tied in place you can follow this messy ponytail. This hairstyle shouts comfy and relaxed. To hide the elastic band you used to tie your hair, you can wrap it using a small section of your hair then keep it in place with a bobby pin.

Classy Half-up Hairstyle


Otherwise, if all you want is a part of your hair tied but most of it flowing at your back, then you can do the classy half-up hairstyle. If you have long, healthy hair this will be ideal when you add beachy waves to give you a stunning look.

Messy Low Bun


In case you are tired of the top knot, you can definitely go for its cousin which is the low bun. You can achieve this messy hairstyle first by tying your locks into a relaxed ponytail. Next, twist the ends to wrap into a low bun. To fasten your bun in place, secure it with bobby pins. You can also frame your face by pulling out a few pieces of your locks. Doing this will make your style more natural.

Sleek Messy Bun


Sometimes you need a break from the classic tight ballerina bun. Similar to a low bun, you can do this sleek messy bun but adjust the bun to the middle of your head. Again, to accentuate your features you can frame your face by pulling out several pieces of your hair.

5 Best Beauty Products for Girls Hairstyles

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Which hairstyles for girls do you think will fit your style and personality? Or which a hairstyle is a man looking for in a woman?  Most girls are inspired by the hairstyles of their favorite celebrities. While celebrities are awesome hair inspiration, remember you do not always need to spend a great amount of money to look fantastic. There are lots of easy hairstyles that you can do at home. Aside from doing it in a couple of minutes, it will likewise keep you from spending a big amount of your savings.


Raissa Diaz is a freelance hairstylist for a long time. Her expertise started as she was fascinated with hairstylists in a salon. She continues to become more adept in her field and enjoys her free time sharing her knowledge through articles.

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109+ Best Hairstyles for Girls Trending for 2020


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