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11 Reasons Why Most People Are Not Getting Hooked Up On .




Some people don’t believe that it’s possible to find a true lover on .… They have that mentality in them that how can you love someone that u have never physically seen? They insult all those confident people who come out and search for lovers on FB and other show networks. But my friends I’m assuring you on this, there very many happy couples out there who got each other through .. Some even have kids and others are married. So for those of you who have ever tried dating on FB and you weren’t successful, I lined up some reasons that maybe hindering you from getting hooked up and many are of your own making

1. Some people are not getting hooked up because In there profile pictures they’re still with their ex holding each other or even snogging…please grow up and let go of that heartless EX, find some other pleasant pic to use as your profile pic rather than that one which will discourage people.

2. You wonder why no one is after you but you’re using fake profile photos on your profile and covers like cars, bikes, rivers¬, Mountains, animals etc….. Guys FB is not an animal book or a museum its FACE book unless you faceless… why not being yourself? Love and believe in yourself first before someone else loves you.

3. You wrote in your profile that you know French, English, German etc but when someone sends you an inbox in German you are LIKE wtf!! Stop this swag friends and be so cool. Be proud of your language. Faking that you know German, Latin… won’t fetch you pretty girls and handsome dudes.

4. You send 10 ladies the same message when flirting and you even forgot to check their profiles… only you don’t know that its only one person owning all the 10 accounts and he or she is making a fool of you. Actually he or she maybe your ex with different names trying to . on your heart, BE SMART & CLEVER.

5. Always you say that you like making friends and you’re so funny but your posts are so boring and kiddish for example “damn it’s so cold, i just came from class, i have cramps, am wearing a grey jacket today, There’s jam, Am in a taxi but the guy seated next to me is eating boiled eggs and fried g/nuts and they have a bad smell…” C’mon such updates are not interesting at all… They will only entertain some few friends of yours who even can’t love you for that. Fine it’s your account but if you’re into a silent serious search for a partner that won’t fetch u any. It’s only your Ex who will comment to make u feel good…

6. You say that you are working in company ABC… but it doesn’t even exist…that’s a lie… beware and be yourself. Saying that your work in big companies won’t get u an understanding lover, but in steady it will link u to a gold digger. Be the real you. if you’re working in a mining company state it, if you’re not working mention it, if you are a maid still be proud of it cos many are out there jobless. That person who will come your way has to love u the way u are not the way he wants u to be.

7. You will never get hooked up if you keep on saying that u are in Canada, Dubai… yet you’re in Kenya… quit those lies please. Saying that you’re in a sounding country won’t get you nice girls and babes trust me.

8. You flirt with a lady and fall in lust then u put your status as ENGAGED…. but then engaged to _______ is not shown… Why that hell?

9. All your photos are taken with your ex bf/gf.. and the posing ain’t that cool.. i mean you are half naked.. or half dressed… Now you ex is no more in your life but why still keeping that pic as your profile pic if you need to be hooked up. Such things discourage people who may be interested in you and it becomes so hard to convince them that so and so is your EX and you’re no longer in touch

10. You post updates hating on all men or ladies because your ex ditched you and now u think everyone is the same…..come on get a life and don’t let the past freeze u up.

11. You keep on updating your status that you are single but in your profile under the relationship status, it shows you are “engaged or in a relationship” C’mon if you are single mean it by editing your profile to single also.

Friends this is my own research and not everything here is valid because some people are on . just for fun and to pass time. So they don’t give a damn on any info on their wall.
You may agree or disagree with me.

If this article touched you some were please do the necessary if you are tired of being single.

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