Your sister’s pregnancy brought some changes in you too. Your earlier indifference towards kids has met with something of a confused sort of maternal instincts. Like, you have started noticing kids, wondering if they are really cute, and thinking how you would bring up your sister’s, basically your own. Already the news of her pregnancy has sent you on a shopping spiral of toys, baby creams, diapers, the whole deal. More often than not, you don’t know when to stop these preparations. But even as your nephew and niece grow up and go on to live their own lives, you feel the same tug in your heart for them, and want them to be safe and sound wherever they are.

Once a Maasi always a Maasi. Let’s recall moments that make it worth the experience. 

1. You think your sister is too strict to her kids

If you had your way, you would rather discipline her instead of her kids. They are after all so adorable, how can you possibly punish them.


2. You secretly give them pocket money

You can never refuse quick pocket money to your niece. She might be going out for movies after bunking class, you know for certain. But who else will pamper her and keep her secrets.



3. You happily share your treats with your nephew

You have always stocked candies and chocolates in the fridge for your occasional midnight cravings, and guard them jealously. But not from your sister’s kids. How can you?


4. You always support them no matter what your sister says

Your sister might scream at them and disapprove of certain things, but it is you who always sees their point of view.


5. Every time you shop, you buy something for them

Little kiddie dresses have started catching your attention for a while now, and you never resist the temptation of buying one.


Instagram/Anshu Saggar

6. You have started to cook, bake cakes

Ever since you found out your little nephew loves chocolate cakes with lots of nuts, you have gone out of your way to search recipes on the internet, and even trying your hand at baking.


Image: Reddit/Imgur

7. You support them in their choice of career

As much opposed your sister might be to her daughter’s off-beat career choice, you as her Maasi always see the bright side. You believe in her mettle.

8. You boast about them before your friends

When you niece first joined ballet classes, you announced to the whole world. You went and told all your friends just how talented she is.

kareena kapoor maasi

9. You love your selfies with them

How many times have you posted selfies of the two of you on your . and later made it your profile picture?


10. You happily babysit, no questions asked

When your sister and brother-in-law decide to take some time off and drop their kids off at your place, you happily take up the responsibility. Don’t you love helping them out with their homework?


Image: Giphy

11. The world on one side, you do expect a surprise call from your sister’s children

You spent your youth looking after them and doting on them, then why don’t they keep in touch with you anymore? You wonder endlessly.


Those who haven’t been reaching out to their Maasis enough, time you did. She really looks out for you. Always has, even when you were little.


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