Today we recall the highs and lows of having a sister.

1. She is frank, honest, and taught you lessons on character building

Times she took off with her friends leaving you behind, and later unapologetically told you that’s her private space. You learnt so many things in that moment about respecting other’s privacy.


2. She knows all your secrets

Don’t kid yourself, girl! You have grown up together, shared a room for long years. If anyone knows you inside out, be assured it is her. Nothing escapes her eye when it comes to you.


3. She ends up buying the same stuff you have

You go out of your way to pick up that gorgeous peasant top. And there she is, either wanting to wear your stuff or buy a similar piece. She already has the same coloured denims as you.


4. Always wants to wear your clothes

Why can’t she have her own, you wonder in vain. When you are away she pulls out that black top you have so carefully hidden from her and wears it out for an event.


5. She blackmails you before your parents

There is something she would want in exchange to keep mum. It would most probably be a dress of yours or a piece of jewellery. You give in, what else!


6. She has the last word on your relationships

Whether the guy is right for you or not, it is she who decides. She likes to . preacher and philosopher whenever she deems right. She believes she knows better.


7. When you are lonely you want your sister, more than any friend

Sometimes it is not friends you need, you only need your sister in raggedy pyjamas with a big tub of ice-cream or popcorn aimlessly watching re-runs of House MD, but feeling secure and cosy all the same.


8. She just likes to borrow your stuff

You haven’t been able to find your blow dryer in a week now. Then it occurs to you that your sister had borrowed it and never returned. There would be zillion other things come to think of it.


9. You can party till very late because she watches your back

She lets you sneak out for a late night party with your friends, and waits for you to return. Your parents never find out.


10. She is your ATM, undoubtedly

When do you not run of out cash? When binge shopping, eating out or suddenly deciding to buy those expensive earrings it is your sister’s debit card you reach out for casually.


11. She is always telling you you’re fat

She never misses a chance to tell you, sometimes even before your friends, that you have gained weight and your old clothes fit you no more. Thanks, only she can come up with that.


12. And when everything goes wrong, you have one true friend, your sister

She is your safety net, despite the relationship you have had with its share of ups and downs. Count on this one person, always.


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Those with sisters, do share if you have experienced similar emotions. 



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