Curves are great until they’re not.

1. Jeans that fit your thighs, waist and b*tt are an urban legend.

You can get one, or maybe even two but never all three.

2. And if they do fit they’re the wrong length.

Because apparently all curvy girls are the same height.

3. When you finally find a decent pair they never last long.

So you’ve learnt not to get attached

4. And if Jeans can’t cut it leggings stand no chance.

5. Chaffing is the literal worst.

When it’s hot out your thighs be like.

6. You bump into everything and everyone with your hips.

7. And knock everything over.

8. Your b*tt too.

9. Getting to the back seat of a matatu is exhausting.

10. The fear that grips your soul when you hear a ripping sound while trying clothes on in a store.

11. Putting on jeans/tights should definitely count as cardio.

12. People are super comfortable with talking about your assets.

So you just awkwardly sit there and smile until their done.