Home News 14-year-old kids had sex during our time, Seun Kuti claims

14-year-old kids had sex during our time, Seun Kuti claims


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Afrobeat singer and Saxophonist, Seun Kuti, has claimed that 14-year-olds already had sex or are about to during his generation.

He said this in reaction to the Christland scandal where a 10-year-old student was found in an implicit sex tape made during their trip to Dubai.

The singer said this on his Instagram page. According to him, everything entertaining these days are centered on sex, music, movies and reality shows.

He said people are only ‘forming saints’ on social media when they did worse things in their generation.

Seun also added that role models are often seen in sex tapes these days and the society feeds on it for popularity.

He wrote, “Everything in Nigeria is centred around sex.

“Children are inundated with sexual images. All the songs the media feeds them everything is hyper-sexualised. Sex tapes of their media role models are everywhere coupled with the internet.

“Just start sex education early instead of forming saints. In my generation, most 14-year-olds were already doing it or planning to do it. I am not surprised the age dropped.”

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