Iverson braids are the hairstyle frequently worn by famous NBA player Allen Iverson. He chose to wear this style maybe because he wants to create his own image and brand. Iverson began wearing this style during the 1997 Schick Rookie Challenge. Aside from being well known for his killer crossover, he is also the first player to wear this style on the court.  Nowadays, this style can be seen on other players such as Rasheed Wallace and Latrell Sprewell.

Iverson is not the only person who chose to wear this style. Cornrows are very common among African Americans because it is very easy to maintain. However, creating the cornrow braids requires more time. The number of hours or days it takes to finish will depend on the length of the hair. Hair extensions can also be added to create more volume to your style.

Obviously, you have to be an expert in order to create this style.  Be sure to get a professional stylist who is a master of cornrow braids. They know how to accomplish the job in a very efficient way. Cornrows are not actually new. It has been used by several people many years ago. If you want to wear Iverson braids then you can get some ideas from these images. Enjoy!

15 Unique Iverson Braids Styles with Images

1. Iverson Braids Styles

Iverson Braids Styles

Iverson has a kinky curly black hair. Aside from cornrows, he also wore an afro hairstyle.

2. Allen Iverson Braids

Allen Iverson Braids

Even if you are not a basketball fanatic, you have probably seen Allen Iverson Braids in the news or in magazines.

3. Natural Braid Hairstyles For Black Women

Allen Iverson Braids Designs

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One of the reasons why Allen Iverson is famous is because of his braids.

4. Cornrow in a Bun

Allen Iverson Braids Pictures

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This is a unique bun since it is done with cornrows.

5. Braids For Kids

Allen Iverson Braids With Weave

This hairstyle is very common among African Americans since it has low maintenance.

6. Girl Iverson Braids

Girl Iverson Braids

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Technically, Iverson braids are also known as cornrows.

7. Iverson Braids Hairstyles

Iverson Braids

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Creating cornrow braids is a meticulous task that can take several hours to finish.

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8. African American French Braid Updo

Iverson Braids Hairstyles

Completing this hairstyle requires a lot of skills.

9. Cornrow Braids

Iverson Braids In A Bun

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Cornrow braids are an ancient style that started way back around 500 B.C.

10. Heart Cornrows

Iverson Braids Into A Bun

There are a variety of styles that you can do if you have a frizzy hair.

11. Iverson Braids Into Ponytail

Iverson Braids Into Ponytail

This classic style is a tradition that has been handed from generation to generation.

12. Cornrows with Extensions

Iverson Braids Mohawk

Hair extensions can be added to the overall style.

13. Braided Hairstyles For Kids

Iverson Braids Pictures

Allen Iverson is an African American NBA player best known for his cornrows styles on and off the court.

14. Allen Iverson Braids Style

Iverson Braids Updo

Iverson is fond of transforming the shapes and styles of his cornrows.

15. Iverson Braids Updo

Iverson Braids With Weave

To achieve this style, you must have long and kinky hair.

How To Create Allen Iverson Braids

Getting this style would not be possible if you have short hair. You have to wait for six months to properly condition your hair before you can use this style. After growing your hair, you have to look for an expert. You can try to do it yourself but it can be very difficult.

First, get a comb and separate your hair. Begin at the top of your head. Grab three sections of your hair and start braiding. Add some strands as you go along. After you’re done with your first cornrow, proceed to the next until all are done. Yeah, it’s actually hard. If you have already given up then perhaps it’s time to look for a professional braider to do it.

Iverson has definitely taken this braided style to a whole new level. Iverson braids can make a statement and it can make you stand out so go for it. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Take a risk! Start making your new look! You can also try Marley braids and Dookie braids.


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