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15 Reasons Why Morning S£X Is Better Than Coffee



Some people might be unsure about morning S£X, and opt out, getting their morning buzz from a cup of joe instead. Morning s*x might make you a little insecure, because of bad breath, or the makeup you usually put on before you get frisky with your man. No one’s at their most glamorous, but that’s part of what makes it so amazing. It has unbelievable health benefits, and is guaranteed to start you day on a positive note.

Your man has recharged with hours of sleep – and you’re well rested too. Dudes also naturally have morning wood, and statistically speaking, they last longer in the A.M. So much better than an exhausted and flailing attempt after working 8 hours.It gives you aglow for the whole day and an excuse to go makeup-free. The estrogen boosting effects make sure that your skin so much softer and your hair shiny and voluminous, making you look naturally radiant all over.

It also has health benefits that caffeine can’t stand up to – it”ll boost your immune system and keep you looking youthful, while keeping your hormones in balance. It can also help protect you from heart attacks, and can help get rid of chronic pain.

And also energizes you more than caffeine – hey, you won’t crash from a sεx high, right?

It’ll work up your appetite. Nothing like a hearty, delicious breakfast when you’re ravenous after a morning romp. Only thing that would be better would be eating pancakes off each other’s bodies, but it’s probably less messy this way.

It just makes your day better generally – those endorphins will put you in a better mood all day, since sexy time releases serotonin and dopamine, helps you stay chill. This will also translate to your relationship – you guys will definitely fight less with those positive feelings around. It’ll help prevent you from being stressed, which is valuable.

S’εx with the lights on is awesome. Morning has that kind of dreamy, romantic sunlight that makes you feel like you’re still kind of dreaming when you get naughty under the covers – you two are way more in tuned with each others minds and bodies with the lights on as well.

You can be lazy – no one’s going to judge your non-acrobatic positions in the moments after you’ve just woken up. And this will make it extra cozier.

It’s the only time when a quickiε isn’t offensive. It’s a myth that women want hours of s’εx until the sun rises. That sounds painful and tiring.

Even if your day sucked, at least the beginning didn’t. At the end of a bad day, if you look back to a cup of coffee, does it cheer you up as much as the memory of a morning orgasm?

It’ll always keep your relationship exciting – even though we’re all sleep deprived from work, getting your 8 hours in to have a refreshing morning love-making session is the best feeling there is. And the spontaneity of it spices things up.

It’ll also make you closer – s’εx without makeup or toothpaste takes some trust and being intimatεly comfortable with your partner.

You don’t have to do an 8am workout to burn calories – you already got that cardio with your natural friskiness, which can burn over a hundred calories.

You’re already n’akεd or in easy to get off PJs, and you guys are already in bed together, so everything is easier. After a night out, there are too many layers, and you’re already exhausted from the day, so you’re probably more likely to pass out once you’ve gone through all the effort of getting those clothes off.

You feel way more sensitive than after a day of working when you’re tired and come home – your skin is tingling from rested cells and every neck kiss feels that much more explosive because you just woke up.

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