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Desperate to know if he likes you or not? In this article, Beauty and Tips uncovers the 15 signs a guy likes you.

Guys are from Mars, which makes it super hard for us to understand how they feel about us. They give us signs and signals, but they’re clearly for aliens only. What are we supposed to do when they invite us to a “playoff” game with the boys? What does that mean?

Guys are curious creatures. But what makes things harder is that the law of attraction is equally full of strange signs and signals. It’s impossible to understand how someone is feeling about us unless we know how to read the situation like a book. Does someone like us if they send us a wink emoji via text? Or are they just winking? And what does it mean when a guy sends us an aubergine emoji? WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?

If your heart is all a flutter and your brain is a total mess right now as you try to work out how he feels about you, . are 15 signs that a guy likes you.

He Puts You First

It’s the weekend, which means only one thing – sports with the lads for him. As usual, you’ll have to stay in and wait for him to text. If, however, he puts you first for once and asks what YOU want to do, it’s a strong sign that he’s into you. Guys don’t give up their weekends like this for just anybody. They’re always doing something, whether it’s watching sports, participating in sports, going to the pub or fixing something. So when he prioritises you and lets you plan a shared weekend together, you have to take this as one of major signs a guy likes you!

He Seems To Get Jealous

You bring up other guys in conversation and he suddenly goes quiet and irritable. Interesting.

He Asks If You Have A Boyfriend

Maybe he doesn’t ask it directly, but you know what he’s getting at. And any guy that tries to get a relationship status out of a girl is interested in her.

He Asks Questions

If a guy isn’t interested in you, he’s hardly going to ask you questions. He might ask you for the quickest way out of your house, but he won’t go personal. If he starts asking about your past and plans for the future, you know it’s one of signs a guy likes you.

He Remembers Stuff

So, you told him something a bit personal a few weeks ago. Maybe you told him how you hate your boss at work and wish you could work somewhere else. Perhaps you recounted a particular episode at work to your guy. As the weeks went by, you totally forgot about it. It was just something you said in the heat of the moment, and you were a bit tipsy. Then, a few weeks later, he brings it up.

“How’s things with your boss now?”


Flabbergasted, all you can say is “fine.”

Wow. WOW.

Guys don’t always absorb stuff we say to them. Most of it goes in one ear and straight out of the other. If he remembers stuff? It’s a colossus sign that he likes you.

He’s Different Around You

On the football field, he’s such a man. You couldn’t imagine him ever crying over a movie like you do. Yet around you he’s SO different. He’s cute, cuddly and addable.

He Talks About His Emotions

Yep, as it turns out guys actually do have feelings. And if he likes you, he’s going to open up about them to you.

He Doesn’t Seem To Notice Other Girls

You’re hanging out together when a stunning girl walks past. You wait patiently for him to check her out, grin and compose himself before returning to your conversation. However, it never comes. He just keeps chatting to you. He didn’t even notice the girl! It’s one of clear signs a guy likes you.

He Asks For Your Number

If you’re one of those girls who takes a guy asking for your number with a pinch of salt … what is with you?! Seriously. If a guy asks for your number, it shows he’s keen to get to know you some more.

He Calls You

Why does it always feel like we’re initiating calls with guys? Sure, they’ll text but they never call. If a guy calls you first for no real reason other than just to talk and see how you are, it’s another one of clear signs a guy likes you and wants to get to know you some more.

He Takes Your Suggestions Onboard

It can be really hard convincing our partners to take our advice onboard, let alone a boy who might like us. So when you see him rocking up in an outfit you recommended, it’s a massive sign he likes you. He listens to you, and respects your opinions.

He Likes Your Stuff On .

Lover boy has been doing some “liking” recently. You notice he liked your latest photos, your recent status – as well as a photo of your grandma. By liking your stuff, he’s subtly trying to get your interest and showing you that he’s keen on you. Sweet.

Now tell him to comment on your profile pic about how amazing you look.

You Catch Him Glancing Over At You

As you scan the room, your eyes land on him. He quickly turns away. Was he … was he staring at you? He probably was. Because it’s one of those lovely signs a guy likes you!

He Texts Even When He’s Busy

You know he’s busy with friends tonight. But he’s still finding the time to text and say Hi. We think someones got a crush on someone …

He Does Things For You

He’ll turn up at your work with a coffee because he knows you really need it. He’ll stop by with chocolates just because. Do friends do this sort of stuff? Maybe best friends. But if a guy is putting all this effort in, it’s because he really likes you.

Do you want to share other signs a guy likes you?

Stay happy!


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