Quite a lot of sexually active women do not know the true meaning of s*x, what it involves and some important facts about it.

This ignorance has led many women to fall into regrettable situations that too many of them fail forever to get out of. There are also controversies about climax: who reaches it and how much you need to have s*x before reaching climax. These and many more issues are what Sexpert Tracey Cox has revealed in her top 50 things women need to know about s*x before jumping into it.

In an article published recently in the Daily Mail UK, Tracey touched on the different parts involved in lovemaking, how anxiety isn’t so relevant, how trying to initiate every er*tic s*x style can get your partner all stuck with you forever and so much more.

Here are 15 out of the 50 highlighted points below:

1. You’ll have your first climax by yourself. Few of us are lucky enough to start our s*xual lives with a lover who’s so patient and skilled he can teach us about our own body.

2. Enthusiasm and being willing to try (almost) everything once is what makes you sexy. Looks, breasts, legs up to your armpits – they’ll only take you so far.

3. If he can’t kiss, he’ll be useless in bed.

Especially true of men who stick a stiff tongue down your throat the second you lock lips.

4. Anyone can be good in bed. But you do need a good working knowledge of your subject, experience and be willing to take and give feedback.

5. The chances of you both climaxing together is extremely unlikely. So let’s all stop pretending and stop faking just because that’s what couples do on telly and in the movies.

6. If you fancy a threesome, do it with someone you’re not in love with. It goes a lot smoother in your head than in your bed and not much fun if you’re a frothing mess of jealousy and insecure paranoia throughout.

7. You’ll have a much better s*x life if you match up with someone who has the same libido. Everyone’s s*x drive spikes at the start but about eight months in, you’ll get a good idea of how much s*x you both naturally crave. Mismatched s*x drives are the main reason couples fight about s*x. If you can possibly manage it, stick with your tribe.

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8. No one is born a brilliant lover. s*x skills can be taught and brushing up on the basics, just to check you’re on the right track, is something everyone should do. We can all improve.

9. It doesn’t mean you’re boring in bed if he wants to try something new. Let go of the concept that ‘you should be enough’. It’s hard enough making love happily to the same person for the rest of your life. If you don’t have variety, you’ve lost the game before it’s even started.

10. Men are visual. They like looking at sexy things. This is the main reason why men watch P0*n. It’s usually that innocent.

11. Men generally like to be touched twice as hard as women do. Their skin is thicker. This doesn’t mean you should be rough though.

12. The first time you have s*x shapes you forever. If losing your virginity was a positive experience, you’re more likely to view s*x as something that’s healthy and enjoyable and lovers as nice people who can be trusted.

13. Stop worrying about your weight. Men are far more forgiving of your wobbly bits than you are. He’s not looking at your thighs and thinking ‘Ew! Porridge’, he’s thinking, ‘Let me get my hands on those’. Sexy is a state of mind, not a body size.

14. If you never initiate s*x, your partner will feel like you only have s*x to please them. Besides, initiating s*x makes you feel powerful which is an aphrodisiac.

15. Think before you share your s*xual fantasies. Make it clear what you’re doing it or you may come home to a ‘surprise’ you definitely didn’t expect.

.: Daily Mail


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