‘It is better to dwell in a corner of the house top, than with a brawling woman in a wide house. Proverbs 21:9
Wives have a lot of things they do to destroy intimacy in their marriages. You need to watch out for them in your own marriage, lest you destroy bonding and intimacy.

1. You sound like his mother, control him and order him around. You make him to remember his bossy mother.

2. You are quarrelsome, full of strife.
3. You are combat ready.
4. You are not caring.
5. You give all your attention to your children especially the new born baby.

6. You are lousy, a talkative and you can’t keep secrets.

7. You are not current; you are not connecting with him at all intellectually.

8. Blame their husbands for everything.
9. Dresses shabbily under the guise of pregnancy.
10. Failure to love their mother-in-law.
11. Fights the husband’s siblings.
12. Being very dirty and lazy.
13. Failure to respect their husbands.
14. Hating your husband’s hobbies.
15. Fighting your husband’s friends.

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