20 Kinds Of Women You Should Never Consider Marriage With

Marriage is a lifetime contract and should be carefully evaluated before signing the papers. Having a healthy relationship is not just about avoiding the wrong kind of person or finding the right kind of person – it’s a two-way thing. It is not always easy knowing who is best for you when you don’t know how s/he might turn out in the future. However, there are certain traits some women possess that gives them away in terms of their bad habits. Men also have some eccentric characteristics that makes them not suitable for marriage but we are dealing with the ladies today. Here are some easy-to-perceive characters of some women and if you must marry them you should think it through thoroughly to avoid future hazards.
1. Control Freak

This is the wrongest person you’ll want to spend the rest of your life with. This woman is dominant and wants to have everything her way. She acts like a superior and makes most of the decisions in the relationship. She picks the movies, orders the meal even without your consent and solves all the puzzles. Sometime you can’t help but wonder if you exist at all in the equation.
2. Materialistic/Money Freak