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20 Signs You Married The Man



Here’s probably no such thing as a perfect man. But that doesn’t mean an imperfect man can’t be a perfect husband. If your husband does these 20 things, chances are, you’re married to the perfect husband.

1. He makes your kids believe in marriage

2. He makes you feel beautiful

3. He treats you as an equal

4. He watches those romance movies with you, lets talk about zee world

5. He changes diapers

The perfect husband isn’t afraid of getting dirty. He knows that he has just as much responsibility to care for and nurture his children as his wife does.

6. He doesn’t look at P0*n

The perfect husband doesn’t allow marriage-destroying images to cloud his mind. He has eyes only for his wife.

7. He respects his mother

A telling indicator of the quality of a man is how he treats his mother. If your husband loves and respects his mother, chances are, he’s an all over perfect husband.

8. He cleans windows

It’s possibly the worst chore, so he does it because he knows you hate it.

9. He makes you the priority

You come before the kids, friends and his boss. The perfect husband puts the relationship with his wife first.

10. He kisses you

It doesn’t matter if you just woke up, or if you’re all sweaty from yard work, he plants one on you.

11. He’s not jealous

Your husband is secure in his relationship, so he doesn’t get moody when you run into an old college boyfriend. You picked him, and he’s confident in that.

12. He makes you laugh

He’s not necessarily the class clown, but he can sure put a smile on your face.

13. He gets along with your family

14. He listens

Not only does he listen, but he cares about what he hears.

15. He’s honest

The perfect husband cultivates trust in his relationship. He communicates openly and never leaves you questioning his integrity.

16.He makes you a better person

He’s not trying to change you, but just being around that guy makes you want to be the best version of yourself.

17. He has goals

The perfect husband has a vision for his life, and he makes efforts to achieve it.

18. He’s supportive

He’s in your marriage solidly, so he realizes part of that means letting you lean on him when you need to.

19. He compromises

Neither of you can always have everything your way. That’s one of the sacrifices we make for relationships. The perfect husband is willing to make those sacrifices, so that his wife can have some of what she wants too.

20. He likes you

Of course he loves you; but the perfect husband likes you too.



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