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20 Things Men Will NEVER Understand About Women




There are certain things women say and do men will never understand. Although we are both human there are some stark differences between males and females that cannot be ignored. You may think you have some understanding of the opposite s*x but after reading this list you may realize there is so much more that you will NEVER understand.

1. It takes half an hour to get ready for bed

2. The need to always have a hair elastic on your wrist

Men will never understand the joy of finding an elastic band stretched out enough to not cut off our circulation by the end of the day.

3. Why you have to change purses often

Even though the purse we just used is perfectly fine… we have to switch it up sometimes.

4. Chipping a nail after just having them done

5. Why all of the important items are ALWAYS at the bottom of your purse

When it’s do or die and you NEED something in your purse it’s never in the place you left it. It is always in the clutter at the bottom of the bag.

6. The awkward struggle of trying to secretly grab a tampon out of your purse

7. Deciding on a new haircut feels like the end of the world

8. Do I or do I not chop my hair off?!

9. You have to try on everything in your closet

10. Walking like a normal human being in heels

11. Pressure to always be thin

12. Shopping is a social activity

13. Sometimes you need someone to go to the restroom with

14. Catching up on the phone takes hours

Three hours later …

15. Why it feels good to take your bra off at the end of the night16. Getting undone often times takes as much time as getting done up.

17. Throw pillows are a thing. The more the merrier

18. Chocolate is a girl’s best friend

Chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate milk. It comes from a bean so it’s healthy right?

19. Saying “I’m fine.”

She’s not fine.

20. When you need a picture taken you actually want 30 shots taken

Every girl needs options. One picture will never be enough.

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