2019: Nigeria Needs  A Nation Builder – Fela Durtoye


Mr. Fela Durotoye, a 2019 presidential aspirant and the CEO of Gemstone Group, has said that the person needed by Nigeria as its president must be ‘a nation builder’.

He said this while addressing the audience at The Platform, a program of Conve 2018 on May 1.

Mr. Durotoye said “A nation builder is someone who accepts responsibility for the well being of the nation which includes their families’ well being. This means that you are a nation  builder, if no matter how well you are doing, if your country is not doing well, you think you are not doing well enough.  

“A nation builder believes in the capacity of the nation to be great. A nation builder believes that our generation will be the one to build Nigeria and we don’t have to pass that responsibility to pour children. Nation builders commit their scarce resource, time, networks to be able to deliver the vision of the future.”‎

The presidential aspirant also said that Nigerian youths need assurance more than accolades from the government at the moment: In his words, “The youths needs assurance that they will get jobs after they go to school to get a degree. They need assurance of being secure. They need assurance that they will get the best from the government.”
He then charged the youths to ‘deliver the future’ as the future of Nigeria is ‘in everyone’.  

In  a similar development, Mr. Leke Adler, an author has also said that the development  plan for Nigeria was drawn by youths. 
He said this while addressing the audience at The Platform 2018.‎

He said “Those who ruled Nigeria before recent times were youths in their 30s and 40s. They were the ones who drew the plan for Nigeria’s development and as such there is a need for youths in politics”.

He also charged the federal government to make provisions for people to vote online during the coming general election of 2019.

Mr. Leke said “As youth, we shop online, we meet people online, we do lots of things online. So, we can also vote online.


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