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2023: Step down for me, Bala Mohammed tells Atiku


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Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State has asked former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, to step down for him, saying he has accumulated a gamut of experience to run the affairs of the state if elected president of Nigeria in 2023.

The governor of Bauchi State made this known on Sunday.

The former FCT minister said he is more prepared as he is young, strong, and agile.

“I’m more prepared to run for the first seat under the platform of the PDP. I’m strong and agile. I’ve built bridges and I’ve good will across the country.

“The only thing that will make me step down for anybody is when Nigerians or party leaders reject me.”

Bala Mohammed said if the contest is made to be a north versus south affairs, it would not be healthy for the PDP.

He added that he has friends in the south and he believes if given the ticket, his friends in the region will support him.

The Bauchi State Governor, however, said that the recent endorsement of his presidential ambition by the Northern Elders Forum does not mark out any contender from the race.

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