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2023: Wike Gives Hint On Presidential Candidate – Lifestyle Nigeria

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has announced that the presidential candidate he and his political allies will support is someone who has integrity, keeps their word, and will not renege on any agreements.

He acknowledged the impatience of party stalwarts in the state, but urged them to exercise patience while a decision on the preferred presidential candidate is being made.

He also acknowledged the concerns of leaders such as Sergeant Awuse, who had expressed frustration over the prolonged decision-making process.

Ebonyi state governement lodge Abuja

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Governor Wike reassured party members that their patience will not go unnoticed and that the decision on a candidate will be made soon.

He stated, “Chief Awuse has said, ‘we are tired of waiting.’ Indeed, we are tired of waiting. But don’t worry. You’ve been patient. Your being patient will not be taken for granted. The bell will soon ring. When you hear the bell, listen to where the bell is coming from and go and do what you have been told to do.”

In his speech, the governor also addressed the issue of threats to expel him and his allies from the PDP.

He acknowledged that the party is currently polarised and that taking such action against him and his allies would lead to the extinction of the party.

He said, “I have been waiting patiently for those who threatened to expel me from the PDP to act out their threat. They should be aware that PDP is already polarised, and taking such action against me and my allies would lead to the extinction of the party.”

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Governor Wike also emphasized the importance of the state of Rivers in the political landscape of Nigeria and expressed determination to defend it against those he described as “buccaneers and vampires” who are willing to sell their conscience for personal gain.

He said, “All those who said Rivers State is not important, we’ll tell them that Rivers State is important. If you play with us, we’ll play with you. If they play with us, we’ll play with them. Enough is enough.”

Wike apologized and pleaded with the people of Ohna, Nne-New-Eli Emohua Local Government, to endure a little longer on the choice of a candidate.

He assured them that the decision-making process will soon be over, and that there will be no going back.

He stated, “I can assure them, no going back.”

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