21 Weird Sex Toys You Have to See to Believe


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We didn’t consider our attitudes toward sex particularly vanilla—until now. Once we started doing some research on sex toys, we realized that we lived in a sexual bubble. Even if you find yourself taking risks (and rewards *wink*) in the bedroom, there are some sex toys available that might surprise—or, if we’re honest, confuse—even the most sexually adventurous people. Whatever your level of sexual education (and no, not the kind you got in school), though, some of these weird sex toys aren’t as scary as they might seem.

We don’t need to tell you that there are some pretty interesting preferences out there—and we’re not here to judge what people like and dislike in the bedroom. We’re here just to let you ~know~ that there are some seriously interesting sex toys on the market—and some aren’t as strange as they may seem. From rubber ducky personal massagers to dildos that look like they belong in an art gallery, some of these toys you truly have to see to believe.

Whether you have a partner with whom you’ve been wanting to try something new, have an itch you’d like to just scratch yourself or are already extremely adventurous in bed, there’s a toy out there for you to try (and hopefully enjoy). The key is to not take everything super seriously and just have fun. Hopefully some of these weird sex toys will allow you to do just that.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

1. Firefly Glow in the Dark Glass Kegal Eggs, $32.95 at Adam & Eve

Turn out all the lights and watch these babies glow.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

2. Crave Razor Sensation Tool, $135.04 at Xenses

The claw and pinwheel Razor Sensation Tool can be used (carefully) to create a variety of sensations.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys


3. Forbidden Fruit Sensual Massager, $93.77 on Amazon

Ideal for travel, the Forbidden Fruit Personal Massager offers five different settings and seven vibration patterns. You know what they say: An apple a day keeps the cravings at bay.


STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

4. Crystal Twist Dildo, $119.95 at Babeland

Use this work of art very carefully.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

5. Emojibator Banana Vibrator, $29 at Babeland

This vibrator is fruity and fun—with 10 different settings.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

6. Broad City Respect Your Dick Cock Ring, $27 at Babeland

Leave it to Broad City to have their own line of sex toys.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

7. Shiri Zinn Aqua Swarovski, $190.25 at Xenses

An erotic work of art.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

8. Rosebuds Skull M Gold, $133.96 at Xenses

This plug is handmade in France and inspired by the Greek gods Eros and Thatanos—love and death.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

For a memorable night in Paris.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

10. Alpha One ‘The Ring’ 24K Gold Masturbator, $392.88 at Xenses

This is made from a 24-karat, gold plated metal ring and a stretchy rubber-gel padding.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

11. The Lelo Earl, $2,590 at Lelo

A luxury pleasure object for men available in silver or 18K gold plate.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

12. Colorful Ponytail Clear Glass Plug, $100 at Enchanted Pleasures

This looks kind of like a My Little Pony, but OK.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

13. The Lelo Tux, $29.95 at Lelo

This tux is *not* for the whole body. (If you catch our drift.)

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

14. Good Head BJ Helper, $9.99 at Spencers

This seems pretty self-explanatory.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

15. Pave Grace, $74.99 at Babeland

Put a little bling in your toys.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

16. Fornicouture Eyjafallajokull Glass Dildo $1124.60 at Xenses

This might be too pretty to use. (Also, Eyjafallajokull is a volcano, in case you were wondering.)

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

17. Satisfyer Pro Penguin, $59.95 at Babeland

The little bow-tie is what gets me.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

18. Tenga Zen 3D Sensual Massager, $22.96 on Amazon

Fun fact: this massager turns inside out.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

19. Rub My Ducky Personal Massager, $27.55 on Amazon

The rubber ducky song has new meaning now.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

Be careful—very careful—with this toy.

STYLECASTER | Weird Sex Toys

It’s a two-in-one.


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A version of this story was originally published in June 2014.


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