22 Danger Signs To Watch Out For When Using A Gas Cylinder


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There have been many instances of gasoline cylinder explosions and when this occurs, lives are misplaced and properties price tens of millions are destroyed.


Nevertheless, there are such a lot of hazard indicators we have to look out for whereas utilizing a Fuel cylinder.

A few of these components are:

1. Cooking gasoline cylinders should not exceed 5 years: most individuals utilizing gasoline cylinders hardly bear in mind when it was purchased. It is very important preserve observe of the times and change them as quickly as attainable.


2. Don’t purchase used Fuel cylinders.


3. Be careful for the expiry dates: The steps to test the expiry date are quite simple and primary. The expiry of LPG cylinder could be discovered on one of many metallic strips that join the physique of the cylinder to high ring (deal with). It’s talked about on the interior facet of the strip. The strip has any of the alphabets from A to D painted on it together with a quantity. Decoding the expiry date is straightforward. The alphabet represents the month it expires whereas the quantity signifies the 12 months. A 12 months is split into 4 quarters :

A – January to March

B – April to June

C – July to  September

D – October to  December

For instance, your cylinder has ‘A 18  painted on the metallic strip. The alphabet A represents month March and 18 signifies the 12 months 2018.

4. Use gasoline cylinders in a vertical place, except particularly designed for use in any other case


5. Securely restrain cylinders to forestall them from falling over

6. All the time double test that the cylinder/gasoline is the fitting one for the supposed use.

7. Earlier than connecting a gasoline cylinder to gear or pipe-work ensure that the regulator and pipe-work are appropriate for the kind of gasoline and strain getting used.

8. When required, put on appropriate security footwear and different private protecting gear when dealing with gasoline cylinders.


9. Don’t use gasoline cylinders for every other function than the transport and storage of gasoline.


10. Don’t drop, roll or drag gasoline cylinders.


11. Shut the cylinder valve and change mud caps, the place supplied when a gasoline cylinder just isn’t in use.

12. The place applicable, match cylinders with residual strain valves (non-return valves) to scale back the chance of backflow of water or different supplies into the cylinder throughout use which may corrode it (e.g. beer compelled into an empty gasoline cylinder throughout cylinder change-over).


13. Make sure the valve is protected by a valve cap or collar, or that the valve has been designed to resist influence if the cylinder is dropped.


14. Retailer gasoline cylinders in a dry, secure place on a flat floor within the open air. If this isn’t fairly practicable, retailer in an adequately ventilated constructing or a part of a constructing particularly reserved for this function.


15. Cylinders containing flammable gasoline shouldn’t be saved in a part of a constructing used for different functions.


16. Shield gasoline cylinders from exterior warmth .s which will adversely have an effect on their mechanical integrity.

17.  Fuel cylinders ought to be saved away from .s of ignition and different flammable supplies.


18.  Keep away from storing gasoline cylinders in order that they stand or lie in water.


19. Make sure the valve is saved shut on empty cylinders to forestall contaminants from getting in.


20. Retailer gasoline cylinders securely when they don’t seem to be in use. They need to be correctly restrained except designed to be free-standing.

21. Fuel cylinders should be clearly marked to indicate what they comprise and the hazards related to their contents.


22. Retailer cylinders the place they don’t seem to be susceptible to hazards brought on by influence, e.g. from autos resembling fork-lift vehicles.



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