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23 Cheap Summer Sundresses You Absolutely Need This Summer



As the temperature continues to rise so does the need to revamp your styles and stick to outfits that give your fresh summer look, the perfect choice is sundresses, they might be considered a little pricey but we have compiled some of the best summer outfits that are cheap and in trend.

From bright colorful dresses to sundresses to warm down to the breezy ones and the best part? They’re all affordable.

A sundress is a versatile outfit that can be paired with any form of footwear and most needed to enjoy this warm weather, they are absolutely gorgeous and comes in different material texture.

23 Cheap And Beautiful Sundress For Summer

We have put together different color and styles of sundresses to suit your preference and keep you comfortable during summer.

We have gathered 23 beautiful summer sundresses you need this summer.

1. Malaven Pleated Sundress

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Malaven sundress is unique and considered special for women who love pleated sundress, it’s flowery beautiful and suitable for summer, beach party and dates. Malaven pleated sundress is soft, light and comfortable to wear. For the price, it’s really worth going for.

2. Halife Women’s Vintage Sundress

Source: Unique vintage

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This is a bohemian tunic sundress that is worth considering for summer, it’s light simple and found to be very conservative, it comes in an ethnic style with a loose necktie fit and very classy as well. Halife sundress can be worn with a legging if found too short.

3. Maxi Striped Sundress

Source: Limeroad

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Maxi striped sundress is perfectly elegant and suiting for dates, cocktail, vacation and any outing you can think of during summer. It can be worn for casual occasion and not bad for elaborate events either and for the price, it’s won’t take your budget plan over the board.

4. New choice Women Summer Tunic Dress


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If you want a summer sundress with pockets then you should go for this, it’s a really splendid sundress you do not want to miss having this summer. New choice summer sundress comes in round necks, suiting warm colors with a lace splicing.

5. Summer Casual Stripe Sleeveless Sundress

Source: Krisp

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To have a fun and amazing summer then you need to get a style that keeps you comfortable and breezy through summer, a casual stripe sundress like the one above will make that possible, a convenient sleeveless sundress.

6. CARETOO Dress, Neck Ankle Sundress

Source: Tbdress

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This is another charming sundress with a great price you do not want to miss not having this summer, perfectly suitable for all occasions and keeps you comfortable all day long. CARETOO dress is a new fashion darling and a favorite of the market this season.

7. Han Shi Summer Sundress


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Han shi summer dress is the right sundress for parties during this summer, it’s the right choice of outfit for vacation, day in day out occasion with no qualms or sweats. A summer dress like the Han shi sundress will not break your budget and still meet you in quality.

8. Riviera Sun Fringe Dress


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For a beautiful day spend outdoor, you need riviera fringe dress to compliment your day and the loose flowy fit suits every figure and shape. High and low style is the new trend and even more favorable during summer.

9. Jinhuanshow Women’s Casual Sundress

Source: rave it safe

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For a remote sundress that is worth every penny is jinhuanshow sundress, it doesn’t itch and keeps the body fresh all day long. This particular sundress has become quite popular most especially during summer, comes with a versatile top that can be worn as a supermini dress.

10. Hount Halter Neck Floral Sundress

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This dress is on the top list of affordable sundresses with quality, it’s also a very beautiful dress that is best worn for parties, beaches, vacations during summer and autumn. It comes with an adjustable spaghetti strap which makes it very sexy and unique.

11. Plunge Front Skater Dress Spaghetti Strap

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Plunge front skater sundress is suiting for a nice day outdoor or party at the beach, it’s an interesting choice for you if you love spaghetti straps and floral combined to make a simple adorable style like this, highly favored for summer.

12. Shouler Ruffle Sundress

Source: eshakti

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A mini sundress with a flare for beautifying looks and keep you comfortable outdoors, it’s light and breezy which makes it perfect for summer. Serves as a boho dress, pretty cute and not revealing in any way. Comes in different colors and sizes to suit your preference.

13. Swing Midi Sundress

Source: pretty dress company

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This sundress belongs to the pretty popular category with high reviews, very affordable and a very elegant dress for any occasion. Swing midi dress comes in midi to easily accentuate the figure and very much suiting for attending a summer wedding. The floral prints did come in different color and design.

14. Blue time Summer Sundress

Source: Bluetime

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If you want a conservative summer dress that is decent, conservative and very attractive then you should consider adding blue time sundress to your summer outfits, apart from being elegant, it’s a really beautiful piece of a sundress for casual and party outing.

15. Bohemian Neck Vintage Sundress

Summer: Aliexpress

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If you want a sundress that is in style and class, something really modern then you really should consider adding Bohemian sundress to your summer outfits. This sundress comes in various colors and style but all have a unique design of collar to keep you comfortable during summer.

16. Off Shoulder High Low Sundress

Source: Roawe

Check Price On Amazon

Cocktails are fun during summer but you need a convenient dress and this off-shoulder, high low sundress suits the description, it’s classy and well design to make you feel less heat during summer and worth every penny.

17. Sunnoe Chiffon Sundress


Check Price On Amazon

Sunnoe sundress makes a perfect party outfit during summer and paired with leggings and jackets during winter will keep you warm, comes with a solid color, low crust V-neck and a swing dress, which makes it right for a casual outing and it’s cheap enough not to break your budget.

18. Zeagoo Sleeveless Tank Sundress


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Zeagoo sundress is considered one of the sundresses you can’t help but love for its simplicity and how elegant it is. It’s sleeveless which means you can rock it during summer and pair it with a jacket during winter and a classy style like this is not bad for beaches, parties or formal events.

19. Last Queen Summer Flare Sundress

Source: Pinterest

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This is one sundress you can never get tired of showing off, it’s flowery and beautiful and makes you feel really cool during summer. This is a style that every wardrobe upgrade needs.

20. Floral Ruffled Sundress

Source: Mash elle

Check Price On Zaful

A mini length summer sundress with spaghetti strap to ensure you are cool and fresh during your time in the sun, not bad for beach and vacations too.

21. Mini Wrap Summer Dress


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A mini dress is always considered as perfect for summer and even more fantastic as a wrap dress, this mini wrap summer dress is all you need to enjoy your time outdoors, it’s convenient and keeps you from getting overheated from the sun.

22. Cut Out Floral Overlap Dress


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A round neck cut out floral dress is just the kind of outfit needed to enjoy an evening dinner date, it’s color is beautiful and the floral print added some class and decor to the design which gives a bright cheerful look to the wearer.

23. Floral Surplice High Low Flare Sleeve Belted Dress


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With or without the belt, you will find this sundress really adorable and suited for summer, it has been designed to blend into skin colors and bring out a bright calm look, it’s breezy and very comfortable for either beach parties, cocktail or a nice evening date.

We hope some of this cheap summer sundresses will help you find the perfect sundress that will keep you fresh and beautiful despite the sticky humid heat. Follow us on Instagram @thrivenaija for updates on new summer outfits and beauty tips.

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. 23 Cheap Summer Sundresses You Absolutely Need This Summer . Thrive Naija.

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23 Cute Pregnancy Outfits Worth Copying



Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in your life. During this part of your journey you will come across many new experiences from changes to your body and more. One of the new adjustments in your daily routine will be your fashion. As your baby grows, you will have to change up your wardrobe but this doesn’t mean that you will have to compromise on style. Today we have 23 cute pregnancy outfits that will show you that you can still wear trendy and fun outfits. There are outfits to suit every season and there is something for everyone. So, take a look and enjoy your pregnancy in style!

1. Easy to Wear Pregnancy Outfit

The first outfit that we have to show you is so cute and easy to wear. This looks features ripped jeans with a pink top, sandals and accessories. An outfit like this is perfect for days out, shopping trips and more. It is a summer outfit that will keep you feeling comfortable but stylish too. You can recreate this or maybe wear sneakers and a jacket on a chilly day.

Easy to Wear Pregnancy Outfit

Source: @rebeccacary

2. Chic Stripes and Jeans

Next, we have a chic and trendy outfit. The stylish mom-to-be is wearing a stripe top with ripped bootcut jeans complete with accessories such as a watch and a necklace. An outfit like this would be perfect for the fall season because of the color palette and you could even wear it with boots and a coat. For the summer, you could recreate a similar outfit with lighter stripes and blue jeans.

Chic Stripes and Jeans

Source: @_megankristine

3. Bold Jumpsuit

Add a pop of color to your look with a bright jumpsuit like this! Here we have a vibrant red jumpsuit that is worn with white sneakers. The color is so statement making and it would be such a chic look for the summer. This mom is wearing sneakers but you could wear with sandals, flip flops or even a low heel for a special event. A jumpsuit like this can be worn anywhere from casual days to vacations and even parties too.

Bold Jumpsuit Pregnancy Outfit

Source: @inesstagram

4. Comfortable and Relaxed Outfit Idea

This next idea is perfect for those who want to feel comfortable and cozy while being trendy too. The outfit features an oversized top, leather look leggings, boots and a cute hat. This is such a stylish outfit that is perfect for the fall season. We love the leggings because the leather look is very on trend for the fall and winter 2019. You could keep it casual like this or swap the top and accessories and create a glam outfit for the evening too.

Fall Outfit Idea for Pregnant Women

Source: @doriel_fit

5. Cute and Summery Dress

During the summer season a cute and floral dress is a must-have. While you are pregnant, you could try a gorgeous outfit like this. Here we have a bright dress with a white floral print. The look is complete with a white jacket and sunglasses. This would be perfect for the summer and for vacations. There are so many floral dresses available online and there are lots of different colors to choose from. You could also try darker floral options for the fall and winter so you could wear a floral dress with boots for those seasons.

Cute and Summery Maternity Dress

Source: @juliaiancu

6. Glam Pregnancy Outfit

If you have a special occasion coming up and would like a more glam outfit, then you need to see this. This outfit features a light sweater with a red pleated skirt, heels and a cute clutch bag. The skirt looks so elegant while the sweater keeps the outfit comfortable and cozy. An outfit like this would be perfect for the holiday season. You can also adapt the outfit to suit any occasion by maybe trying a different colored skirt or a more lightweight top for the warmer weather.

Glam Pregnancy Outfit for Christmas

Source: @_megankristine

7. Stylish Skirt, Shirt and Sneakers

This next outfit is one of our favorites because it is so stylish and easy to wear. The trendy mom-to-be is wearing a T-shirt, midi skirt and sneakers. This outfit is finished off with a vibrant jacket. An outfit like this shows that you can still keep your fun and trendsetting style even while pregnant. You can check out the outfit details and see where to buy the look on the page below.

Stylish Skirt, Shirt and Sneakers

Source: @sandybelc_

8. Elegant Sweater Dress with Boots

Next, we have an elegant outfit that you can wear with ease. Here we have a light belted sweater dress that has been worn with long boots. We love the long boots and dress length because it gives the outfit a chic vintage vibe. As this is only one piece, it will be so easy to wear and the dress will be warm and comfortable too. This is a stunning fall and winter outfit idea. You can buy similar sweater dresses online and you could even try a dress in other colors.

Elegant Sweater Dress with Boots

Source: @troppo.incinta

9. Leopard Print Top and Black Skirt

Leopard print is one of the must-have looks for 2019 and next we have a stylish way to wear leopard while pregnant. This super stylish mom has worn a cute leopard top with a black dress and slides. Now even though she is wearing a dress, you could easily achieve a similar look with a skirt just like the midi skirt that we featured earlier. This is just a fun, bold and beautiful outfit and it can be worn for any occasion. Keep it comfy with the slides or you can wear with a different shoe. You can see the outfit details on the page below.

Leopard Print Top and Black Skirt

Source: @dubaimaven

10. Boho Pregnancy Outfit

If you love outfits with a boho vibe, then you need to see this next idea. This outfit features a long dress complete with sandals, bracelets and a trendy hat. An outfit like this is comfortable and super chic. It is also versatile so it can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion. The dress would be great for vacations, weddings and the summer season.

Boho Pregnancy Outfit

Source: @littleblondebook

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Latest Asoebi Styles Collection 7.5



Hello, awesome! Today we bring you the sixty-sixth (66) episode of our Asoebi Wedding Styles Collection series, Latest Asoebi Styles Collection 7.5

Each week we bring you our Asoebi styles picked for you to draw inspiration from, and tailor out something fabulous for yourself. All of our editions cover pools of so many cuts African wedding clothing styles and designs, however, the best always stand out.

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