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25 Beauty Secrets Only Glamorous Women Know




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Remember the girl who always has it together? Meet her sister: the seriously glamorous woman. What defines this sophisticated doll is that not only is she organized, but she also does those extra beauty tasks to ensure she always looks polished and pulled together. Like toner? Yes, she uses it daily. You always know when she walks into a room thanks to her intoxicating signature scent. And don’t try to guess her age — she regularly relies on SPF 50 face and hand cream. Keep reading to learn how to be a little more ladylike in your own life!

Image .:  Matthew Barnes

1. Sleeps on a silk pillowcase, since satiny fabrics reduce hair breakage and facial wrinkles.

2. Actually gets eight hours of shut-eye, because concealer can only go so far.

3. Starts the day with an antioxidant-rich smoothie to make skin glow from the inside out.

4. Takes a morning shower that includes head-to-toe exfoliating, shaving, and rinsing hair (if it’s been more than two days since the last wash).

5. Moisturizes body with a sophisticated French-girl scent like lemon or lavender.

6. Uses a daily face SPF of at least 50, since antiaging is a proactive lifestyle.

7. Flosses.

8. Uses teeth-whitening toothpaste.

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