27 Best Tree Braid Hair Examples with Trending Images in 2020

Tree braids or as others call it “Invisible braids” are one of the most famous African American hairstyles. It uses hair extensions to add length as well as make your hair look fuller. This is done by creating small and tight braids. It is a style perfect for any type of hair, however, it works best if you have thick and kinky hair which is common among African American women. During summer, it is important to protect your skin and hair. With this hairstyle, it can protect your hair and what’s great is that it is low maintenance.

Tree Braid Hair and Styles

Tree braids are very easy to do!  Below, we will give you a number of inspiring images. You can choose which one will suit your face structure, personal style, and outfit.  You can try each of these variants once you become an expert in tree braiding technique.

Glamorous Tree Braid Weave


One of the main advantages of tree braids is that it is low maintenance. Moreover, you can avoid your locks having the stringy effect by using two packs of hair extensions instead of just one.

Tree Braid Hairstyle


With proper care, you can get the most out of your tree braids. Remember to regularly condition and moisturize your scalp and hair to prevent breakage.

Blonde Tree Braid

Sometimes it’s nice to experiment with different color hairstyles. Today you can simply purchase a box of colored hair. Also, you now have lots of options whether you want just streaks of color, Balayage, Ombre, or one bright color.

Unique Tree Braid

You can also create your tree braiding in a diagonal style. Otherwise, you can request your stylist to cut your hair in the length that you want or purchase the hair extension in the length that you desire.

Centre-Parted Tree Braid

If you desire a retro hairstyle then this one is absolutely perfect. Keep in mind that braids are suitable for women of all ages.

Front-Braided Tree Braid

It would be great if your tree braids can look like real hair. As seen above, the style looks remarkably natural.

Wavy Tree Braids


One of the best things about tree braids is that it can give you the opportunity to experiment with different hair textures. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly locks, this type of braiding style is perfect for you.

Straight Hair with Tree Braids


Want to keep it simple? Instead of parting your hair, you can keep it sleek and straight. One way to keep your hair staying healthy is to regularly wash it to avoid build-up of dirt.

Long Wavy Tree Braid

The tree braids blend well with the loose spirals. With your locks in place, you don’t need to rush anymore in the morning to blow dry and style it.

Side-Swept Curls with Tree Braid

The side-swept style only proves that the positioning of the hair can create a great impact. See how the style comes off naturally?

Colored Tree Braid


Color plays an important role in the hair styling process. Again, right now you have endless options with Ombre, Balayage, highlights, or just color streaks. Adding color to your crowning glory brings a certain uniqueness to your character.

Curly Black Tree Braid

This hairstyle is ideal for women who have fuller hair and wants to wear tree braids. Look how her curls stand out with this style.

Tree Braid Hairstyles


Curls can be styled in such a way that it can enhance thickness. Even if you have short natural hair, you can now use extensions to make your locks look fuller.

Tree Braid with Headband


The headband is used to separate the tree braids and the twists. This just shows you can still use accessories with this protective styling.

Long Straight Hair with Tree Braid


Once again, what’s great with tree braids is that you don’t have to part your hair. You can go straight and simple with this style.

Sleek Tree Braid


Whether you have long, short, wavy or straight hair, you can always wear tree braids. It is very versatile and effortless to style.

Tree Braid Style


This braided style looks very simple and you can style them in a lot of ways. A lot of women choose this braid compared to other protective styling because it is much quicker to install.

Free Flowing Waves


Who doesn’t love silky curls, flowing freely? Indeed, you will go a long way with braiding. Whether you have short or long hair, tree braids will still suit your style.

Classic Hairstyle

This hairstyle can be flirty, fun, stylish and yet still looking natural. Another way to protect your braids is to cover it with a scarf at night before going to sleep.

Side-Parted Curls


With tree braids hairstyle, you can easily keep your hair away from your face. This style is ideal for office workers or students in school.

Tree Braid with Highlights


Highlights can spice up the color of your hair. You can opt for highlights if you are not keen on coloring all your hair. Even with just a tinge of color, the shade still accentuates your best features.

How to braid your Tree Braids

Create cornrow braids on your natural hair with hair extensions. Follow the following steps.

Step 1. Part the hair into smaller sections and secure it with a clip.
Step 2. Start at the hairline and create a tight cornrow braid. Get a small piece of your hair extension and add it to the braid.
Step 3. Braid the extension and the natural hair together and make sure that it is secure. Take note that a greater part of the hair extensions is left unbraided and free-flowing.
Step 4. Repeat this process until the entire hair is all braided.

Look for a professional hairstylist to do your hair braiding.  There are some salons which are an expert in African American hair braiding hairstyles.  Be sure to inquire if the salon does not only do cornrows but also tree braiding. The entire tree braiding process could take at least five hours. During the braiding process, if you feel that the braids are too tight and it’s a bit painful for you then tell your stylist. Tight braids can damage your hair and can even cause hair loss. The general costs for tree braiding are priced around $150-$200 for around 4-6 hours of work.

To give you some idea about tree braids watch this short video:

Your Tree Braid Questions Answered

Our readers have a lot of questions about tree braids, therefore we have created this ultimate list to answer all your tree braid related questions. Not seeing yours? Please leave us with your question in the comments below and one of our braiding specialists will reply as soon as we can.

What are Tree Braids?

Tree braids are the best protective hairstyle for your natural hair. It can be worn daily and for special occasions. There are two kinds of tree braids. These are the cornrow tree braids and the individual tree braids. Want to experience the best of two worlds? In this style, some strands of hair extensions will be inserted into your cornrows. Tree braids are like natural hair. You can either wear it loose or wear it in an updo or ponytail. You can also divide it in the middle or on either side. Tree braids can protect your natural hair, giving it time to relax.

What is the best hair for Tree Braids?

Tree braids are perfect for thick and kinky hair. These characteristics are usually found on African American hair. However, it can also be done in other types of hair. You can choose to do it with or without hair extensions. Whether you want lengthy or small braids, tree braids are very easy to style and maintain. If you’re interested in sporting tree braids then you’re not alone. There are numerous African American women who love this style, especially during summer days. It can help in maintaining the healthiness of your real hair. So, what is the best hair to be used for tree braids? It is recommended that you should use hi-grade synthetic hair extensions. The most suitable ones are Fentress, Batik, Glance, and Bonne. Although, if you prefer to use human hair then you can use Milky Way or Outre.

Are Tree Braids healthy for your hair?

Again, this type of braiding is a kind of protective styling for your locks. Sometimes called “Invisible braids”, this style adds hair extensions to your cornrow. Of course, the braids need proper maintenance, however, this style protects you from hair breakage.

How long do Tree Braids last?

With proper maintenance and care, tree braids can last up to 2 to 3 months. It takes less time to finish compared to box braids and micro braids. This hairstyle can give you a free-flowing look. You can choose the desired length that you want. It is ideal for natural and relaxed hair.

Do Tree Braids damage your hair?

While braiding is a protective hairstyle, when done too tight may result in damage or hair loss. Thus, make sure that your braids are secure but not that tight.

How do you remove Tree Braids?

Important to realize is that all protective styling can be tough to take down. However, this particular braid will take you a shorter time compared to the others. Keep in mind while doing this to take care of your natural hair. The first step to do is detangle your locks using a wide comb. Second, while holding one braid, cut the synthetic hair further away from the knot. Be careful not to clip your own natural hair. Next step is to spray your braid with a detangling mist to ensure that unraveling the hair will be easy. Once you unravel the braid, remove the hair extensions and throw away. Repeat the steps until you finish all the braids.

Are you loving the easiness of tree braids? When it comes to tree braids, you can always experiment with different colors, length, and textures. Nevertheless, remember that while this hairstyle is a kind of protective styling, you still need to take care of it. Don’t forget to properly wash your scalp during your bath as there may be build up present between your braids. And once again, do not neglect the moisturizing and conditioning of your crowning glory. When skipping this part, it can result in hair damage and your style will not last. With that said, go and get the braid style that you’ve always wanted to try!


Raissa Diaz is a freelance hairstylist for a long time. Her expertise started as she was fascinated with hairstylists in a salon. She continues to become more adept in her field and enjoys her free time sharing her knowledge through articles.

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