We believe it or not, there is a lot the zodiac signs tell about our lives and personalities. They can be a window to the person’s thoughts and behaviour. Now if you are a guy, looking to propose to a woman but unsure if she is really wife material, this guide should be of help.

Here are the zodiac signs you ought to marry. They will make the best wives ever.

The Strong Aries

Women from this sun sign have exceptional mental strength and will power, and there is no way you won’t fall in love with her. Usually Aries women are go-getters, work their way up the ladder and enjoy an esteemed social status. But the best thing about her, she trusts in her life partner and would like him to be around in every journey she undertakes. She draws her strength and courage from you.

Remember, it is not easy to get her attention, but once you do, be rest assured that you are a special man. Aries women encourage their men to be strong and take their decisions boldly. You feel more responsible and loved under her continued encouragement and support because she needs to justify to herself too that she chose the right man. And to this effect she will drive you to be better in everything you do and raise the benchmark. They are as parents very driven and raise champions.


The Fierce Leo

Leo women never have to work hard to weave their magic on the opposite sex. It is their sharp intellect and strong mind that wins them many battles and admirers. Leo woman’s competitive spirit can be intimidating for a lot of people, but if you like determined, strong-willed, intelligent women, she is your calling. She believes in coming straight to the point and will let you know that you are no ordinary man.

You will fall for her easy charm and revel in her never-say-die spirit. Leo women make for very loyal and supportive partners, and will center her world around you. Are you ready for the intensity and passion she exudes? She will love you like no other woman has, but this love of hers will have a touch of sanctity, a selfless quality, which is rare to find in most sun signs. She will fight for you, for your rights and for what is right. Same goes when she raises her own kids.


The Perfectionist Cancer

Now a Cancer woman can go to any extreme to prove her love for you. She will accept you with your flaws and love you unconditionally. But she expects absolute honesty in the relationship, so keeping secrets will not get you too far. When you decide to marry a woman from this sun sign, she will work hard to make you happy and share your dreams too. While these women are a little prone to histrionics, she will create for you a sweet, cosy home that she will cherish and work hard towards.

Generally in such a household the meals are lavish, served on time, and there is plenty of scope for drawing room conversations. You won’t have a single dull moment with this girl, for she is spirited and will manage to transfer that energy to you as well. Her children would mean the world to her, while she would look up to you for support and encouragement to run the family.


So, have you made up your mind yet?


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