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3 Easy Ways To Fill In Your Eyebrows



It’s a universally-known truth that full, bold brows are in. They’re on the faces of our favorite celebrities and fashion models. And for good reason—full brows add character and dimension to the face (and are so much easier to maintain than thin ones!).

Sure, getting flawless eyebrows can seem intimidating. But we promise that it’s way easier than you’d think to get a full, gorgeous set of brows. Just pick your tool of preference and you’ll be ready in minutes.

If you’re using a pencil…
Brow pencils are great if you want subtle definition and fill. Start at the inside of your brow (closest to your eye’s inner corner) and draw in small strokes. Work your way outward, following the direction of the brow hair. Follow . using a spoolie or brow brush to blend in an upward and outward motion.

If you’re using brow mascara…
Want a bolder look? Try a brow mascara, which you can apply after using a pencil or on its own. Work from the inner corner of the brow and apply following the direction of the hair.

If you’re using brow gel…
Add maximum drama to your look with a brow gel, which adds the most color while helping to keep your brow hairs firmly in place. Apply the gel in quick upward strokes with the brush, following your brow shape.


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