Most women tend to get conscious of the way their armpits look. So, they try out various beauty hacks to whiten and smoothen them out. But it leads to darkening of armpits.

1. try apples. If you scrub mashed apple on your armpits daily, it can actually get you free from dark spots and odour too. Apple contains AHA, which is capable of killing germs and bacteria that cause the darkening of your underarms.

2. Orange peel is helpful too. The citric acid which is used for skin bleach is found in orange peels. Dry some orange peels for about three to four days until the peels are completely dry. Take about two tablespoons of it and mix with some rose water to apply on your underarms. Leave it for 10 minutes before washing off with cool water

3. lemons, milk and cucumber help in getting rid of dark underarms too.



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