There are many “mini-lessons” within this one sentence, as we can interpret it in a few different ways. First, teach your children that caring what other people think is a mental prison they will be stuck in the rest of their lives if they don’t learn to free themselves. How do they escape? Of course, . staying true to themselves regardless of how others may perceive them. Teach them that their own opinion of themselves matters much more than others who don’t know their story. 

Secondly, teach them that they are only responsible for their own feelings and emotions, and not to let other people drag them into their own misery. They can’t control situations, but they can take charge of how they react to them.


This is perhaps one of the most important things you can say to your children before they start growing up and allowing fear to paralyze them. While we should be aware of our surroundings and act with reason, we can’t spend our whole lives in absolute fear of everything around us. We must step outside of our bubble and allow life to happen to us if we ever want to learn and grow. Sure, we might stumble, fall, and run into failures, but that’s inevitable in life.

Teach your children to see opportunities when one door closes, because that just means that wasn’t the right door for them, anyway. Teach them that mistakes are a healthy part of being human, and as long as you learn from them, that’s all that matters in the end.


This world can pull you in so many different directions that you can’t even think straight, but the truest compass lies within yourselfIf you aren’t following your heart, then you are fighting a battle with your own soul, and the only way to win is to give in. Give in to your deepest desires and what awakens the parts of yourself that have been asleep for years, because that’s the only real way to feel alive.

Teach your children that, regardless of what the world may try to tell them, only they know the real answers. Teach them to look within instead of searching outside themselves for the right path, because their heart will guide the way for them in the end.

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