When it comes to being in a relationship, each person often brings their habits and personality traits that can shape the bond that is formed. For many people, it can be easy to have toxic habits that are unhealthy for the relationship.

When evaluating a romantic connection, there are a few habits to avoid to ensure that the relationship thrives.

6 Kinda Normal Habits That Actually Toxic For Your Relationship

1. Bringing Up the Past

Using examples from the past to argue a point or hurt the other individual can be damaging to the relationship and cause distance between both people. If you’ve forgiven the other person for past mistakes, it’s important to avoid bringing it up again. This can make the current issue even larger than it really is by trying to make the other person feel guilty.

2. Being Passive-Aggressive

Many people assume that giving their significant other the silent treatment or acting passive-aggressively is normal. This is toxic to any relationship because it puts communication on the back burner and will cause you to be on different pages. Your partner may not know why you’re upset and will likely not change because they aren’t aware of your needs. Remain open with your feelings while still making a point to encourage the individual if you have a bit of correction.

3. Allowing Conflicts to Go Unresolved

According to Businessinsider.com, many people assume that it’s healthy to let conflicts be unresolved to avoid fighting. It can be easier to ignore the issue and move on than to address it directly. Some people may also think that if they fight that the relationship will only get worse or will suffer. Unresolved issues never really go away and will continue to remain a problem until they’re settled.


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