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3 Made In Nigeria Leather Bags IT Girls Own



Made in Nigeria leather bags are certainly luxurious but don’t come cheap!

The leather bags are 100% pure leather from animal skin, processed stage by stage by local artisans and turned into luxurious items we purchase. It’s quite a money consuming business for brands who prefer to . for these 100% pure leathers.

The brands however have gained popularity through quality, international recognition and design. Here in Nigeria, celebs and IT girls patronise the high priced luxurious bags and we approve!

Check out the made in Nigeria leather bags
Zashadu by Zainab Ashadu

The brand creates a simple yet elegant and timeless bag suitable for the fashion-forward chic. Zashadu bags are purely goatskin, crocodile skin or python skin bags well crafted by a community of local artisans. They seek to explore ‘the tension between quiet elegance and unabashed glamour‘.


Derin Odugbesan/Instagram

Femi Handbags by Femi Olayebi

The luxurious bag is ethnic, fun and vibrant. Femi handbags are made of pure leather with a fine blend of colourful prints, clean sewing and tassel detail. One feature that is impossible to ignore is the signature Femi logo on the handle.


Femi Handbags/Instagram

O’Eclat Designs by Gbemisola Johnson

Launched in 2010, the brand creates quality handbags using premium leather and prints. Bags by O’ Eclat have a unique structure, vibrant in colour and portable for the active chic.


Hafsah Mohammed/Instagram

Which of these made in Nigeria bags would you rock?



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